Sunday, October 17, 2021

Jets’ Zach Wilson leaves New York for Bye Week to clear his head

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The first five weeks didn’t go as planned for rookie quarterback Zach Wilson, and he learns very quickly that this leads to a lot of questions in a city like New York.

Fortunately, the young signaler seems to have the right mentality to deal with the pressures of the world’s media capital, but that doesn’t mean a small outage isn’t just what the doctor ordered.

During a news conference on October 12, Wilson told reporters that he would be going home for the next week to see his family and “get away from football for a bit.” The rookie added that it would be good to “delete” [his] Understanding.”

This is interesting as this offensive could use all the practice opportunities and leaving the quarterback is not going to help put everyone on the same page. It is also noteworthy that Wilson will spend the free time with a different coach than OC Mike LaFleur.

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This summer we talked about the BYU product’s close relationship with John Beck. The quarterback coach coached many of the NFL’s best before entering the league, and Wilson was recently a prize student.

Well, maybe there’s some sort of breakup with the Jets coaching staff because the youngster would rather say goodbye to Beck than LaFleur, Rob Calabrese and Matt Cavanaugh. “I’m excited, you know, I’m going to be working with my quarterback trainer, John Beck, with whom I train things that I feel I can clean up.”

To be fair, that’s not all that unusual. According to head coach Robert Saleh, the league’s collective agreement provides for four mandatory days of team training (including the weekend). What you do with these four days of vacation is entirely up to you.

Family is also an important part of that decision, but the Jets QB has found that he speaks to Beck on the side throughout the season, along with Steve Young and his family. At the end of the day, however, he said that “nobody really knows what” [the team] goes through except for the people in [the] Building.”

Dedication and hard work have never been a problem with Wilson. When asked whether the rookie could use a mental break, Coach Saleh said: “That is also during the week. [I tell him] “Age go home, enough is enough,” but there will always be a balance and he will find it. He has to find his way, he has to find a routine, he has to find learning habits, he has to understand how to filter what he sees on tape [and] take what is important and what is not. “

All of this is true, but you still want Wilson to work on his relationship with his coaches and teammates as well. There is certainly a lot that can be improved, and it starts in New Jersey, not California.

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Another prominent figure came to Wilson’s help after the offensive fighting in London on Twitter, according to the analyst draft Matt Miller.

“I think Saleh is right when he points out that quarterbacks take time to develop – especially guys based on traits like these two.” [Wilson and Josh Allen]. The key will be building a team around Wilson like they did in Buffalo – a collection of draft, trade and FA hits. “

These tweets came after Saleh made comments comparing the BYU product launch to the Bills’ star quarterback. Miller also praised the work of General Manager Joe Douglas.

“I really liked the design of the 2021 jets,” he added, “I think they have a good start. But has to keep hitting while knowing when to be aggressive ([think] Diggs trade). “

Gang Green has an abundance of Draft Capital in the coming seasons with 14 selections to choose from in 2022 and more on the way after. Douglas could even choose to swap a player like Jamison Crowder this season for more picks if the team keep losing games.

At the end of the day, Wilson knows the Onfield product wasn’t good enough, and hopefully some time outside of New York can help his psyche. That is what the rookie concluded in the following remarks.

“My expectation of myself is to be better, my expectation of the team is to have won every single game just because I know we can and I know we can, but we do also know that this is the case. ” a process, and as you said, we’re getting better every week, so we don’t have to worry or get on our nerves because of it. “

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These tweets came after Saleh made comments comparing the BYU product launch to the Bills’ star quarterback. Miller also praised the work of General Manager Joe Douglas.

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