Monday, October 3, 2022

Jets WR Garrett Wilson deserves the “superstar” comparison to Pro Bowl WR

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It’s fair to say that stocks are up for Garrett Wilson, the New York Jets wide receiver coming in over the weekend.

The former Ohio State product was relied on in the clutch to deliver for his team and not only lined up video game numbers but also helped get the dub.

This caused quite a stir in the league and of course earned him some pretty high praise from the national media.

The youngster ended the day with eight receptions for over 102 receiving yards and two touchdowns. All of these brands led the team and sealed an unlikely 31-30 win over the Cleveland Browns.

After the game, Wilson was crowned by everyone as the second coming of something special. Though no one has been as emphatic as former NFL quarterback and current ESPN television analyst Dan Orlovsky on stand up:

“The novice target record is 167 targets, Garrett Wilson should break that. If I were the Jets, I’d throw him the ball at least 10 times a game. In that last drive I just said throw the ball to #17. Just find #17 and throw the ball to him, you will win the game if you do it and they really did. He’s the Jets’ best offensive player in 20 years? I mean, he’s going to be the next Justin Jefferson superstar at wide receiver.”

Well, a guy named Curtis Martin, who’s in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, might have something to say about one of those comments, but the point remains.

Wilson is a special talent and obviously the Jets have recognized that. Gang Green selected him #10 overall in the first round of the 2022 NFL draft.

However, if he can be half the player Jefferson became for the Minnesota Vikings, the Jets will be in excellent form going forward.

In his first two seasons (and his move), the former LSU star rewrote the record books at the wide receiver position:

Somehow Jefferson is only 23 years old and was able to make an immediate impression. Similarly, Wilson was able to pull off those plays in just his second game, just imagine how he’ll develop as the season progresses.

This raises an all-important question on every Jets fan’s mind right now: Is this real life?

The Jets are notorious for picking the wrong man for the draft every year. Did they finally get it right? What is Wilson’s blanket? Was this simply the result of a game script built around a hot guy, or was this a sign of the future?

Andy Vasquez from NJ Advance Media joined me on my podcast and shared his thoughts on the subject:

“The biggest thing in watching him play two regular season games is that he just opens up. I have yet to see a Jets receiver that keeps opening. I don’t think it’s too far-fetched after what we saw on Sunday that a strong argument could be made that he’s already the best receiver on the team. What he did with that first touchdown, the move he made at the goal line and how open he’s become, there aren’t many guys in the league that can do that.

Vasquez admitted it’s early days but Wilson is only getting better and more experienced as the season progresses.

This is an exciting time to be a Jets fan, and with so many offensive figures simmering, the team seems to think they can trade blows with any team in the NFL.

Vasquez admitted it’s early days but Wilson is only getting better and more experienced as the season progresses.

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