Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Jets WR Elijah Moore reflects on early fights on social media posts

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If there was one big head scratch from this summer to the regular season, it would likely be second-round draft pick Elijah Moore’s game.

The rookie was unstoppable at OTAs, mini-camps, and even training camps prior to his injury, and now he’s struggling to record a reception in most games. People had so much confidence that Moore was a sleeper (me included) that no one blinked twice when former roommate AJ Brown declared he was ready to do all of his game checks to win the Offensive Rookie of the Year Award for the 2021 Jets WR to bet.

The Ole Miss product was also a big factor in the expected resurgence of this offense, and its lack of production certainly contributed to its failure. Moore isn’t the loudest player on the field, but he carries an inner confidence in everything he does.

This week, the rookie finally got on social media about his slow start.

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In an Instagram post on October 12, Moore tagged a group of photos from London with a message to all of his supporters – and himself.

“S *** don’t always connect so quickly [you] press play … sometimes [you] I have to take a step back do it [some] Life, let time provide a truer vision. # Blessed, “wrote the rookie.

While these are actually J. Cole’s texts, not his own words, they should still serve a purpose. The first-year player entered 2021 with a firm determination that impressed the entire coaching staff and fan base of Jets. He stated that he wanted to be the best at the game, not just good or great – it just hasn’t come together yet.

It is unclear what the specific problem was. Some fans think he is playing out of position and routes should run out of the slot, not the outside. Others believe that offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur is not using his talents properly. It could be the physicality hindering the rookie or the injuries sustained (preseason quad, Denver concussion).

One thing is for sure, Moore’s NFL debut didn’t go as planned. Just like the lyrics suggest, the wide receiver will take a moment and pull back during bye week to be patient as it works to achieve its goals.

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Quarterback Zach Wilson even publicly took his share of the blame for the wide receiver’s fighting.

“I wish I could get him the ball more, I know that’s part of my job,” said the young caller recently in a press conference, “I know he’s a dominant player and I have to get him the ball more . So I think it’s just about getting into the process and understanding that it takes time and he’ll keep his head down and do his thing. He doesn’t have to try to do too much or change everything he does because he’s a great player and you’ve obviously seen that other. “

The couple was special this summer and bonded on what felt like a constant basis in practice, but the chemistry was a bit wrong during the regular season. No matter what has happened so far, the rookie QB has made it clear that he has full confidence in Moore.

“He’s a baller and his time is coming,” Wilson announced boldly, “just like the rest of us.”

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“He’s a baller and his time is coming,” Wilson announced boldly, “just like the rest of us.”

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