Monday, November 29, 2021

Jets HC Robert Saleh declares questionable schedule for Stefon Diggs

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Here we are on Sunday afternoon after another New York Jets outage under head coach Robert Saleh in week 10.

Most expected this to be a season of ups and downs for this young and inexperienced squad, but few thought the team would be embarrassed under Coach Saleh, whose entire mantra preaches 100% effort until the final whistle blows .

Still, we’ve seen at least four no-contest losses now, maybe five if you count the first matchup against the New England Patriots. For a team that has played nine games, that’s only about half of the 2021 season.

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The Buffalo Bills have an explosive offense and an abundance of weapons to choose from, but the best of the bunch is hands down wide receiver Stefon Diggs. The superstar ended a 1,500-yard season in 2020 but has only recorded one 100-yard game in week 10 that year.

Diggs can shut down and a cornerback like Bryce Hall is the jet’s number one candidate for the job. So it came as a surprise to most supporters that Jeff Ulbrich and Saleh allowed Brandin Echols and Javelin Guidry to face the Bills’ WR1 all afternoon.

When asked about it during his post-game press conference, Jets HC explained the thought process behind the questionable defensive schedule. He answered:

I understand that a Cover-3 defense doesn’t usually “man-up” and tail a receiver, but apparently sending Hall on Diggs ‘side of the field wasn’t even an option for the Jets’ coaching team. Whether it’s their style or not, Ulbrich and Saleh should have considered an Audible at some point.

No disrespect to the rookie six-round player (Echols) or the UDFA 2020 (Guidry), but neither was up to Diggs’ level of talent and that was fully on display on November 14th of the season; eight catches for 162 yards and one touchdown.

In all honesty, he did what he wanted against the Jets, and when you have a cornerback who has shut down the receivers all season, it seems almost negligent not to change things and give him a try.

Coach Saleh added that they are “trying to beat the security”. [the] top of, however, whoever CB was guarding Diggs noted that Josh Allen and the Bills were prepared for this tactic whenever they did.

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According to Rich Cimini. by ESPN“The 2021 Jets are the first team since the 1966 Giants to allow at least 45 points three times in a four-game period.”

This session had to deal with a ton of injuries, but that’s still no excuse, especially if you’ve hired a head coach to be a defensive mastermind. Saleh may not be calling the games, but this is still his system and right now the system is buggy.

The jets cannot stop the run and the pass rush has been completely neutralized in the past few weeks. They have also been outwitted and coached several times, like today at Diggs.

When first year coordinator Mike LaFleur didn’t do the job it was worrying, but it also felt like it could be fixed. Now that the offense has improved, the defense has become gruesome. This is extremely worrying.

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The jets cannot stop the run and the pass rush has been completely neutralized in the past few weeks. They have also been outwitted and coached several times, like today at Diggs.

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