Monday, November 28, 2022

Jets fans have had a violent reaction to George Fant’s absence conspiracy theory

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The New York Jets will not get the hoped-for reinforcement from the bye.

This was announced by head coach Robert Saleh Monday 14.11 That offensive tackle George Fant will not practice this week and is expected to miss his seventh straight game.

The Jets placed Fant on injured reserve Tuesday, Sept. 27 after consulting with their team doctors.

The former Western Kentucky product underwent surgery on a problematic knee during the offseason. That forced Fant to be restricted throughout training camp, but the coaching staff claimed he would be fine once the games started.

Fant started the first three games of the season but obviously didn’t look right as he struggled tremendously:

Heading into the Week 4 matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Jets announced that Fant would be placed on IR.

“When they visited doctors as part of the evaluation process, they felt it would be best for him to spend the next few weeks just in rehab.” Said Saleh the media. “Get off the knee and give him a chance to get his strength back. So, following the doctors’ recommendations, we went for it.”

The move to put Fant on IR was described to me as “precautionary” by a source. As Saleh said, this would theoretically allow the veteran to rest so he could attack full force for the rest of the season.

Unfortunately, he’s still not ready to get out of bye week, leaving people wondering what the heck happened.

On the Monday episode of my podcast, I was joined by Jets insider Will Parkinson to preview the next matchup and answer some fan questions.

A YouTube commenter asked us if Fant “hangs out”?

This fan suggested that Fant milk his injury and use this as an excuse not to return to action. Obviously, this is a baseless conspiracy theory that is unlikely to be truly answered by any of the parties involved.

However, to add some context to this potential theory, Fant is frustrated that he was promised the left tackle job and had to give it up due to a series of unfortunate events this offseason. That prompted the Jets to sign Duane Brown, who has played exclusively on the blindside throughout his career.

Since he’s going nowhere in the left tackle for at least this season and Fant has publicly stated that he’s worse in the right tackle, you can start to understand where some fans are coming from.

Especially since Fant is in the middle of a contract year. It would be hip to sit out rather than possibly play poorly at right flank and affect his next contract.

When this conspiracy theory circulated on Jets social media, fans weren’t shy about sharing their feelings.

A Twitter User named Fant “soft”.

Bobby raised one interesting talking point that makes you wonder aloud if we’ll ever see Fant in a Jets uniform again. That’s kind of crazy considering how important he was to the team in the 2021 season.

The Jets played him in right tackle, but an injury forced him back to left flank and he was a stallion all year. This year, more musical chairs and injuries have derailed a promising Jets run.

We discussed the Bobby question on the podcast with Fant, who will be an unrestricted free agent this offseason.

Some fans are ready for Fant to walk out the door. If the Jets let them, they’ll have plenty of it Questions regarding Answer at the offensive tackle spot.

A fan is convinced Fant will never come back, whether due to a potential holdout theory or because he’s too exhausted to return.

When this conspiracy theory circulated on Jets social media, fans weren’t shy about sharing their feelings.

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