Thursday, January 26, 2023

Jets eye ‘highly respected’ Patrick Mahomes coach: report

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The New York Jets are keen to expand their coaching quest.

NFL Insider Aaron Wilson of Pro Football Network said that Kansas City Chiefs coach Eric Bieniemy is still being seriously considered by several NFL teams for his vacant offensive coordinator positions.

Wilson named the Jets as one of four teams “wanting to discuss OC opportunities with him.”

We’re assuming Bieniemy would have to miss the Indianapolis Colts head coach appearance for this potential conversation to even happen.

Wilson says he’s “very staying in [the] Run” for the job, but if he falls short, the Chiefs coach could be looking at other opportunities.

One of the most pressing questions is why Bieniemy should consider going elsewhere to become an offensive coordinator. Wouldn’t that be a fling (or maybe worse) from the Patrick Mahomes-led Chiefs OK to somewhere else?

Technically, however, it would be a fling, NFL Insider Benjamin Allbright recently explained why it might be a move he needs to make in the near future.

There is a “perception” that the Chiefs’ impressive success on offense is “largely” due to head coaches Andy Reid and Mahomes.

If Bieniemy ever wants to be a head coach, he may have to go to another NFL team and prove he can do it without the influence of Reid/Mahomes.

Where better to prove yourself than with the Jets? If Bieniemy manages to flip the Jets, he could become one of the hottest contenders in the 2024 cycle.

Another reason is that Bieniemy is supposed to be a free agent. The contract of the 53-year-old, who turns 54 at the start of the 2023 season, expires after the end of the league year.

An unemployed person has completely different motives than an unemployed person.

While it would certainly be a risk on Bieniemy’s side to go from a familiar commodity with the Chiefs to an utter mystery in New York with the Jets, he’s not the only one taking the risk.

Gang Green would take on a similar role of the dice bringing him in, hoping he can emulate the same Kansas City magic.

As head coach Robert Saleh hinted in his season-ending media, the plan is to put an experienced assistant on the offensive side of the ball to help.

One of Gang Green’s admitted mistakes was not replacing coach Greg Knapp following his tragic death. That’s set to change in 2023, and maybe that could be the perfect recipe in the Jets’ offensive space.

Bieniemy has one huge advantage, but there’s an equally huge unknown with his lack of proven individuality. Perhaps pairing up with someone who’s been there and done that could create a nice safe ground for the Jets in 2023.

Sometimes you have to risk it to get the cookie.

If so, the Jets would hope to be half as successful as the Chiefs have been in recent years. At the same time, he made sure it wasn’t a total disaster by bringing someone with some battle scars to his side.

An unemployed person has completely different motives than an unemployed person.

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