Saturday, June 25, 2022

Jaylen Brown sends honest message after Celtic collapse

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In recent weeks, the Boston Celtics have been accused of preferring things the hard way and considering their inability to string back-to-back wins together, you can understand why people might feel that way.

Against the Golden State Warriors, the Celtics once again fell short of their previous win, losing Game Four of the NBA Finals 107-97 thanks to a five-minute implosion to end the contest.

After losing Boston on June 10, Jaylen Brown was quick to remind everyone that he and his teammates hadn’t missed the magnitude of the event and knew how lucky they were to still be in contention for a championship at this late point in the season .

We know where we are right now. We know it’s the NBA Finals. We know there will be no more series after that. That’s it. So I think everyone on our team is aware of that. We just have to get out there and play Celtic basketball,” Brown told reporters after the game.

Boston’s inability to string together multiple wins isn’t a new phenomenon, it’s been a thorn in their side since the second round against the Milwaukee Bucks and has now become an undesirable trend.

The Celtics won that series, however, thanks to a seven-game win in front of their home crowd, followed by another seven-game series against the Miami Heat – they won the seventh game away. As such, the Celtics have proven they can win the hard way, even if it’s not the most ideal way.

Speaking to the media after Boston’s fourth-game loss, Ime Udoka noted that the Celtics’ ability to win with their backs to the wall is proof they’re still in the series against the Warriors and that they have the talent have, eventually, win their streak and be crowned the NBA champion.

“As much as we would like to do better on our own, you have to give them credit for how they have strengthened defensively. Miami is a team that we went against and made it through. We proved we can do it by losing two games, two elimination games against Milwaukee. It’s proof that we can do it,” said Udoka.

Through all of Boston’s upside-down performances in the NBA Finals, Jaylen Brown remained consistent in his performances and built on his run at the Eastern Conference Finals, where he finished the streak as the team’s top scorer.

In his last four games, the Georgia native averaged 22.3 points, seven rebounds and 3.8 assists while shooting 44% from the field and 35.5% from deep. A big part of Brown’s sudden leap in performance has been his willingness to lean into his athleticism, no longer trying to dribble his way out of trouble, he’s exploding into the lane and leaving his defender for dust.

If Jayson Tatum can improve on his current level of play and move up to mean, he and Brown should be more than enough to lead the Celtics through their remaining games against the Warriors and lead them to their first NBA championship, Celtic’s first banner since 2008,

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