Sunday, December 5, 2021

Internet pulls Dan Campbell into coaching: “Should be fired tonight”

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The Detroit Lions found another way to lose to the Chicago Bears on Thanksgiving Day, and while the 2021 coaching staff wasn’t a direct cause of many of the team’s mistakes, this time it wasn’t.

Detroit managed to lose 16:14 despite holding and losing another lead in the fourth quarter, and a big reason for that was the coaching team. The Lions coaches failed to get their best day mostly during crunch time and that sparked a lot of comments on the internet after the loss.

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After Campbell’s poor performance against the Bears, people had plenty of hot shots on the internet and were obviously unimpressed with the coach.

Some people, like Warren Sharp, used music to destroy Campbell’s coaching skills in a rather comedic way.

Campbell’s performance made many think the team should just fire him tonight along with Chicago manager Matt Nagy, who might actually be in the hot seat.

As Jason McIntyre tweeted, any goodwill the Lions saw Campbell built with narrow losses should now vanish as a direct result of that game.

Some even went so far as to announce that the Lions should add a child to the coaching staff to play Madden to help Campbell make game decisions.

Perhaps the best comment was about kneecaps, a Campbell staple. However, eating other kneecaps cannot happen until the team stops eating their own.

When you add it all up, the loss was another black eye for the Lions, especially thanks to the way it turned out. Campbell, as a coach, did not deliver the goods in need, and most people noticed and mocked the boss for it.

Big Reason to Blame Campbell for Lions’ Loss? The way the last five minutes of the game were handled from a Detroit perspective. The Lions have had penalties and several flaws, like Campbell struggling with taking advantage of time off, some of the basics of the coaching profession. Campbell gasped as he tried to call timeouts in sequence, which is a five yard penalty. That call effectively ended the game, particularly when Detroit’s defense failed to make a major stop in third place, allowing the Bears to slip the clock and escape with victory.

Without Campbell and the staff slips, the Lions might have had a chance to come back and take the football. However, the penalty made it easier for the Bears to convert and helped the Lions lose any time they had on the clock. It was also a basic rule that a football coach in the league should understand. Campbell didn’t and it cost the team in the cracking time.

Although people are calling for Campbell’s sack, the Lions are unlikely to sack their head coach for the first year, no matter how embarrassing that game has been nationally. Campbell is on a five-year contract and the team knows that the situation for Lions is, by and large, one of rebuilding. As a result, it would be breathtaking if the team panicked and fired Campbell no matter how the season ends or what goes on. The team is more likely to stick with Campbell for now, trying to build around him for the future.

While it does, it’s impossible to hide from the ugly ending of this game in Detroit.

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