Monday, October 3, 2022

Insider drops truth bomb about Kevin Durant’s desire to join West Contender

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Superstar forward Kevin Durant will return to the Brooklyn Nets for his fourth season. But things didn’t always look like this. Durant filed for a trade with the Nets earlier this summer after extending the franchise by 4 years and $198 million in 2021.

But after a series of trade negotiations that didn’t go down well, Durant decided his best option would be to return to Brooklyn for his fourth season.

When Durant made his first trade request, the Phoenix Suns were high on his list of preferred targets. Bally Sports’ Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson says the investigation and eventual suspension of Suns owner Robert Sarver for his workplace misconduct has put Durant’s desire to join the franchise under close scrutiny.

“If you look at free agency this summer, it was widely rumored that Kevin Durant wanted to be traded from the Brooklyn Nets to the Phoenix Suns,” Scoop B said during an appearance on MSNBC with Zerlina Maxwell.

“And so you’ve seen a lot of chatter on Twitter about ‘Is this the team KD really wants to go to’, especially because he’s so pro-Black and pro-equal, both he and his Nets teammate Kyrie Irving. So it’s interesting what it would have looked like if he had been traded to the Phoenix Suns this season.”

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Durant’s commercial demand from the networks was very real. As one of the most prolific players in NBA history, teams jumped at the opportunity to add him to their rosters. With that, every team would almost automatically be a title contender.

Despite being the No. This included Sun’s wing, Cam Johnson. In an interview with AZ Central’s Duane Rankin, Johnson describes what it was like to hear his name mentioned in the trade talks with Durant.

“I’m sitting in the dressing room and the news is coming. It’s Puff’s teammates, my teammates. I’m like, no man, don’t put me in this. And the next thing you know, whoever it was, Windy (Brian Windhorst) or someone on TV, was like naming the potential trade targets. Naming of DA, me, Mikal. And I was like, come on man,” Johnson said.

“But it’s the business. Like I said, it’s business. If that’s something that’s going to be done, then that was just part of God’s plan and you must move on.”

Though the Nets and Durant have agreed to continue their partnership, the future of their star point guard Kyrie Irving is yet to come. Irving will be a free agent in 2023 after he and the Nets failed to agree on the terms of a maximum extension this summer. Due to the uncertainty surrounding Irving’s future at Brooklyn, an Eastern Conference executive believes there’s still a possibility he could be traded this season.

“If the year is a disappointment early on, then yes, you would need to at least explore the trade market on Kyrie. You’re not going to get value for money because of all the luggage Kyrie has and because it would likely be a short-term rental,” managing director Sean Deveney told Heavy’s.

“We’ll see how the Lakers go, but if they have a good year and feel like they’re one Kyrie away from fighting next year, they’ll be able to get him next summer . So that reduces its commercial value.”

This is a big season for the Nets franchise as far as their future goes. Hopefully they can fight for a championship.

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