Thursday, December 2, 2021

Hoffman leaves the Premier League role following backlash over Newcastle takeover

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Gary Hoffman will step down as Premier League chairman in late January.

The Premier League thanked Hoffman for his “dedicated service” in announcing the news, following a backlash from clubs about how the league had dealt with the Newcastle takeover.

Hoffman said: “It has been a privilege to lead the Premier League through the past two seasons when the spirit of English football was more important than ever.

“Now I have decided that the time has come for me to stand by my side so that the new leadership can lead the league through their next exciting phase.”

The clubs are unhappy about the lack of advice on the Newcastle takeover.

Hoffman was appointed in April 2020 and started work this June, at a time when Premier League football – and indeed all sport in the UK – was suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic.

His time in the league also coincided with the emergence of the Project Big Picture proposals in October 2020, which marked the greatest change in English football in more than a quarter of a century, and with the creation and almost immediate collapse of a European super league.

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