Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Heat again emerges as a potential landing spot for “MVP candidate” Guard

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Over the weekend, trade rumors linked the Miami Heat to a surprise star. After spending the summer sweepstakes for Kevin Durant and Donovan Mitchell, the Heat appear ready to play it back with mostly the same lineup that took them to the Eastern Conference Finals last season. The team lost PJ Tucker but plan to fill that role with what they believe is a rising star. While the team didn’t add a star like fans had hoped this offseason, that doesn’t mean they won’t this season, and an NBA insider shared the possibility that the team might be turning out a talent like DeMar DeRozan Chicago could acquire bulls near the close.

“If the Bulls fight out of goal the way they hobbled home last season, DeRozan could bring real value back to a Bulls team featuring Zach LaVine, Pat Williams and a squad of young guards over the medium and long term. After a monster season, DeRozan’s stock will never be higher.

The Heat – starring Tyler Herro, Duncan Robinson and Nikola Jović – have the pieces to bring DeRozan to South Beach. A DeRozan-Jimmy Butler wing pairing would give Miami a better offensive advantage (especially if Butler doubles the number of 3s he took in the regular season like he did in the playoffs) to defeat the Bucks and the Celtics , without sacrificing overall defense. In exchange, the Bulls get a manageable contract at Robinson, a great prospect at Jović and a rising star at Herro, whom they’re likely to sign and extend as part of a deal from the Heat. David Thorpe of True Hoop wrote.

While one mention is a surprise, two firsts build excitement or anticipation. In a conversation with an Eastern Conference executive, Sean Deveney was told more about the potential market for DeRozan, and it was again mentioned that Heat is in the running.

“Well, everyone has a market, right? The fact that the Lakers wanted him and screwed it up, that’s been talked about a lot. If there was a way for the Lakers to get him, of course they would. But this ship sailed. The Bulls won’t take Westbrook back for DeRozan and the Lakers won’t send you Anthony Davis, and that’s the only way a deal would work.

If this season starts the way last season ended, there’s a chance the Bulls will examine all options. And you would get some good deals. Teams like the Knicks or Dallas or Portland, certainly Miami, they would give up plays and picks for a player like DeRozan. He was an MVP candidate for most of last year. But it would have to be a one-season disaster for that to happen,” a manager told Heavy NBA insider Sean Deveney.

Obviously, a trade for DeRozan instantly insults the Heat and is an excellent option to team up with Butler. DeRozan is reunited with Kyle Lowry in the Heat backcourt and the team could fight without giving up an awful lot. The proposed deal also answers some ongoing questions Concerns over how to handle Tyler Herro’s upcoming contract extension. Do you think DeRozan is better than Herro? That is the question. If you do that, the deal for the five-time All-Star is now a no-brainer, move on.

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