Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Giants Starter, ex-first round player, will leave New York, analyst says

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As has become common practice in recent years, the Evan Engram trade talks came and went on the 2nd, but that should finally change in the upcoming offseason.

According to’s Darryl Slater, Engram is “looking to play his deal and then leave” this summer. “He’s playing for the fifth year option in his rookie deal in 2021, so his first time meeting the Free Agency will be in the next off-season,” added Slater. “He has disappointed the most since Gettleman’s predecessor Jerry Reese moved him to 23rd overall in 2017. Assuming the Giants aren’t doing much in the free agency in 2022 – since they’re limited to space for the cap – signing Engram elsewhere could help them get a compensation draft pick in 2023. “

While Engram could very well sign a lucrative deal to get the Giants a compensatory choice similar to its rumored commercial value in the market (the fifth through sixth round range), that choice wouldn’t be available to New York until 2023. What As for the G-Men cap situation, they are projected to be about $ 4.3 million below the $ 208.2 million salary cap (per over the cap) over the next season. Apart from that, as the Giants proved last off-season and so many other franchises, if a team wants a specific player, money can be moved to make sure the team gets their man. The thing is, when it comes to Engram, maybe he’s just not the Giants type anymore.

Even Engram’s greatest critics can admit that the Giants didn’t put it in the best position to be successful. If you’ve ever had a look at the top performers in the NFL, they are usually some of the most productive players in football. Right now, Tyreek Hill, Alvin Kamara, Ja’Marr Chase, and AJ Brown are just a few of the big names to be among the top 7 front runners in Dropped Passes this season. In other words, for all of its weaknesses, there is a chance that Engram could be a productive addition to a passing offensive this off-season – and given its combination of size, speed, and athleticism, the odds are greater than a few offensive coordinators are willing to do to bet on that (with their owner’s money).

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While Engram’s season performance remains relatively lackluster, the Ole Miss product has started to show some playmaking skills in recent weeks. In two of his last three games, Engram has averaged 41 yards while scoring a touchdown in consecutive weeks. His most recent score, a 30-yard jump snap over Raiders Safety Johnathan Abram, was only Engram’s third touchdown in his last 24 games.

“It was cool, yeah. It was cool. It felt good, ”Engram said with a smile when asked how it felt to hear the crowd break out over his score. “The main thing was that it felt really good to just play a game for the team. We’ve worked a lot on this game this week and it was great that it came and made money. So it felt good. “

“It’s a big piece, a piece that we’ve been working on all week. We knew what kind of cover and defense they were going to play and (Daniel Jones) made a perfect throw. Literally a perfect throw and trusted me with that. I just went up and made a game for the team, ”said Engram.

Engram will look to resume its distinguished game after the Giants’ Week 10 goodbye. The team will go into action for a Monday night with the reigning Super Bowl champions, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, on Week 11, where they will need all of the production and then get out of Engram.

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