Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Gary Neville on why he won’t enter politics just yet despite punching down Boris Johnson

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The former England footballer said he would rather see Boris Johnson lose the next general election than England win the World Cup

The former Manchester United defender-turned-football pundit has become increasingly vocal in British politics, often criticizing the government to his 5.2million Twitter followers.

Former England footballer Gary Neville has ruled out going into politics for the time being, despite recently joining the Labor Party and becoming a vocal critic of Boris Johnson.

And in January, Neville announced he had joined the Labor Party and was considering a move into politics.

But on Monday night the former footballer ruled out an immediate offer to join Westminster.

Speaking of Matt Forde’s The Political Party Podcast, Neville said: “When I look at the success, for example the current cabinet and I think their connections to the mafia of these streets here (meaning Westminster) and the media and I think I’m not sure I can play the game.

“I think you have to play a really, really smart game. For me I don’t like it.

“I don’t think I could play the game, which would mean it wouldn’t be a very horrible experience and I wouldn’t be chewed up and spat out.”

He added: “I’m not sure if it’s for me.”

But Neville still left the door open to the future, suggesting he might throw his hat in the ring if “a new approach” were taken.

When asked why he’s been so vocal about politics over the past 18 months, he said: “I’m angry about what’s happening right now and what’s been happening for the last couple of years.

“I felt that being quiet was no longer acceptable.”

He added: “It’s easy to remain silent, it’s easy not to raise your head above the parapet and I thought I’ll join the Labor Party and I’ll try.”

Neville also renewed his harsh criticism of the Prime Minister, denouncing his ability to run the country and attacking his personality traits.

“You wouldn’t want him to be your children’s principal, you wouldn’t want him to be your brother’s doctor, imagine him being your accountant or your lawyer,” he said. “This guy, I couldn’t imagine any position or position in this country.

“I would never have him in any of my shops… and do you know why? Because he’s not a good guy.”

The footballer dropped criticism of Mr Johnson during his 80-minute chat with the podcast host, branding him a “crook”, “wrong” and “the worst kind of leader”.

But he believes the Prime Minister’s luck is running out following last week’s no-confidence vote and the emerging outcome of the Privileges Committee’s inquiry into claims he misled Parliament about lockdown-breaking parties at Downing Street .

It is Partygate’s third formal investigation following the completion of the Metropolitan Police investigation and Sue Gray’s report.

Many believe the committee’s inquiry could finally prove the turning point for Mr Johnson – who so far has managed to hang on despite being the first sitting Prime Minister to be found to have broken the law for being on attended an illegal lockdown meeting.

Neville said he was happy with a change in the Conservative leader for now but believes the time has come for a Labor government.

However, he didn’t seem to give Sir Keir Starmer a ringing endorsement, merely saying that the pair get along well and that he was “relaxed”.

Instead, in his discussions with Labor MPs new and old, he said he was most taken with Gordon Brown.

“The guy I trusted the most and thought to be the most knowledgeable and a great person was Gordon Brown.”

And on the new era, he said he’s “very impressed with Wes Streeting” and spoke at length about being a politician who’s keen to put the job first.

Neville also seemed to suggest that a change in the Labor leader could be beneficial ahead of the next general election.

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