Monday, November 29, 2021

Gary Neville: Academy players who have been dumped from soccer need more mental health support

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“One of my best friends continues to struggle with his rejection at Manchester United at the age of 16”

The fan-led review of English football governance, compiled and authored by former Sports Secretary Tracey Crouch, went beyond her remit and recommends doing more to support players who fail despite their young lives dedicate to the academies. Crouch said the sheer amount of evidence presented made it impossible to ignore.

Gary Neville has supported the call for an appropriate “Mental Health Support System” to aid released soccer players.

I has spent the past year uncovering the severe mental health issues former Academy players faced after they were laid off and the lack of support they received. Speaking to the newspaper in January, Max Noble, a former Fulham Academy player who suffered from anxiety and depression from his experience, called for an aftercare system to be set up for released players to support their mental health.

“It’s always been a problem,” said Neville, the former England and Manchester United right-back. “One of my best friends is still struggling with his rejection at Manchester United at the age of 16.

“I think there is a mental health crisis in this country and I think there is certainly need for mental support for players who, I suppose, would and unfortunately have to leave the game. We know that clubs suck off players aged 6, 7, 8, 9 and bring them to the academies and then there will be a high drop-out rate. “

Neville added that the report “highlights one issue the game should better take care of, those who failed to manage to be insufficiently talented, or were not selected, or because of injury, or whatever, they did.” Left the game. That is a point that in my opinion should not be dismissed. “

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