Thursday, August 11, 2022

Former Nets teammate opens up on Durant and Irving situation

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That Brooklyn Networks were the talk of this NBA offseason. Whether it’s the start of the Kyrie-Irving contract negotiations and the drama that circulated there. That evolved into Kevin Durant requesting a trade from the organization. Some insiders have said how the Nets handled Irving’s negotiations resulting in Durant asking to be traded. Now there has been a revolving door of trade rumours featuring Durant and the Miami Heat, Phoenix Suns, Toronto Raptors and more. Irving has also been in trade talks, but only the Los Angeles Lakers appear to be in the mix.

With multiple teams in the mix for Durant, it’s essentially paused the free hand while teams wait for the size 18 Durant shoe to come out. There’s little traction left for Durant deals as Brooklyn isn’t getting the returns it hopes for if they treat their superstar. Perhaps the closest deal for the Nets was with the Raptors, and had they picked up 2022 NBA Rookie of the Year Scottie Barnes, a deal would be complete. Toronto wasn’t ready, however, and now signs are pointing to the Nets running back with Durant and Irving.

Whether or not Brooklyn will bring back its two stars remains to be seen, but NBA free agency remains in limbo until that gets closer. Have multiple insiders reported that teams are patiently filling their rotations until after the fallout from a possible Durant deal. Now a former teammate of Durant and Irving in Brooklyn is echoing the same sentiment.

Langston Galloway was part of the Nets roster last season and is a current NBA free agent. The 30-year-old guard didn’t hold back as he discussed how the situation in Brooklyn is affecting other veteran players and how their moves are “stopping” the free hand.

“At the moment [Durant] and [Irving] hold things up,” he said Robin Fambrough from The lawyer. “Once it’s decided what these guys are going to do, things will be right for the rest of us.”

Galloway has averaged 8.1 points and 1.6 assists in his career. Last season, the veteran only appeared in 7 NBA games, 4 games for the Nets and 3 games for the Milwaukee Bucks. Given the NBA’s uncertainty about what will happen to these stars, the final roster spots that Galloway and others are being considered for remain unfilled.

Galloway’s comments don’t come across as spiteful to Durant and Irving. It’s just the reality of what happens when a top 5 NBA talent requests a swap with 4 years remaining. It will take time for all sides to understand this.

The Nets’ latest proposals say Irving is gearing up to be back in Brooklyn next season. Sources say he never intended to leave the Nets but was looking for a sign-and-trade partner to secure a long-term deal. Now the Nets failed to strike a deal and some are expecting him to return for the Nets. Others have ruled out the possibility that Nets’ front office might be willing to use the stretch-and-waive provision to rid itself of the headache Irving brings.

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