Monday, November 29, 2021

Former Lakers starter mocks the team’s “failure” of a season

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The Los Angeles Lakers swapped Kentavious Caldwell-Pope as part of the move for Russell Westbrook, and the former starter enjoyed seeing the purple-gold battle early on.

Caldwell-Pope was named after the. asked The early battles of the Lakers and couldn’t suppress his laugh in a now viral clip from one of his press conferences.

The question that made Caldwell-Pope chuckle: “You are having a great season while the team that traded you (Lakers) was a failure. Are you satisfied with that? “

“I’m happy where I am,” replied Kentavious-Caldwell Pope after he had composed himself. “I wasn’t really excited about what happened to the trade.

“Brad [Beal] is a great friend, ”the ex-Lakers wing continued. “We always talked about playing together. So it wasn’t a big problem that I already had a championship behind me. It was time to move on. “

At 8-9, it’s obvious that the new looking Lakers will need a little more time to gel. However, it’s hard to call the team a failure this early on, especially considering the team struggled with some injuries early on. That being said, LeBron James knows his team needs to start making its move and showing the potential that many saw when the squad was put together in the off-season.

“We definitely have to play better no matter who is in the line-up,” James told reporters after the team’s recent loss to the Celtics. “It never happens that we have 65 games and then we’ll find out.” … There is no panic, but every time we hit the ground there should be a sense of urgency.

“I feel like we had that for moments throughout the game tonight and then at some point during the game we didn’t,” James continued. “We have to figure out how to keep that sense of urgency as close as possible for 48 minutes.”

James is confident his Lakers can do it and improve. However, that requires a certain level of discomfort and the pursuit of greatness.

“I’ve always felt good when things were uncomfortable, so I look forward to us trying to get better,” James said before quickly correcting himself. “We’re getting better. Do not try. We are getting better. We will improve. But that’s just uncomfortable. We should feel uncomfortable with our film sessions and our walkthroughs and exercises every day, even when we’re out on the ground until we straighten the ship. “

Westbrook’s inclusion was heavily criticized early in the season as the former MVP learned to play alongside James and Anthony Davis. He also had the fluctuation bug on occasion and had a hard time scoring goals. But there are 20 games in the season and Westbrook is fed up with answering questions about when the chemistry will show up.

“Everyone asks the same questions after every game. And I’m tired of always giving the same answers. It’s the same question every game, every time we lose, it’s ‘Hey, how long is this going to take?’ We do not know it. If we win, it will be some time yet, ”said Westbrook. “There will be ups and downs throughout the season, it’s about what you do as a team. Either you can pull yourself apart or you can come together and find out. And we know we have the team to find out and the experience to do it. Our job is to get in there and do it. “

Westbrook has averaged 18.9 points, 8.2 rebounds and 8.6 assists this season. However, he only shoots 42.6% from the field and 29.7% from outside the bow.

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