Monday, October 3, 2022

Former Celtics player opens up about Jayson Tatum

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Jayson Tatum is only 24 and has only played for the Boston Celtics, but he has shared the arena with many different teammates throughout his career. Boston has continually adjusted its roster to put Tatum in the best position for success.

He has played with stars like Kyrie Irving and Kemba Walker, solid role players like Daniel Theis and Marcus Smart and a host of young players like Carsen Edwards and Payton Pritchard. Well, one of Tatum’s former teammates recently opened up about the star’s development over the years.

In an interview with CelticsBlog’s Adam Taylor, former Celtics forward Semi Ojeleye spoke about Tatum’s growth so far throughout his career. He spoke about playing with him in Summer League and what it was like to see him grow.

“And as I’ve watched him from the time we were in Summer League together to this day — really like a physical force to be out there, like it’s incredible to see his growth,” Ojeleye said.

Ojeleye also joked about what it was like to watch Tatum in his rookie season.

“JT came into the league and the boys are like, oh, like that skinny kid, that’s like super talent,” he noted.

After being sacked by the LA Clippers last season, Ojeleye signed a two-year deal with Italian club Virtus Bologna this off-season. He spent the first four years of his career with the Celtics.

In addition to discussing Tatum’s development, Ojeleye also spoke about Tatum and Jaylen Brown’s growth as a duo.

During her time in Boston, Ojeleye got a chance to play with Tatum and Brown every four years. He watched them go from young players fighting for their minutes to the stars of the leading team. Ojeleye revealed that he could always tell they had a vision.

“You can always tell, they have an idea of ​​where they want to go and how good they want to be. And you see that throughout their career, especially when you come in with JT and watch JB grow even though he was in the league when I was. You can see their game growing, you can see it’s part of their mentality, both in their physical and mental approach to the game,” Ojeleye said.

The former Celtics forward also spoke to Taylor about his injury woes and gave his 2022 NBA Champions prediction.

In his final year in the league, Ojeleye struggled with unfortunate injuries. He said it was a result of his training.

“Those crazy workouts were kind of the reason I had two calf injuries last year,” Ojeleye explained. “Injuries like that are mostly overuse… one thing I’ve learned and you know that work ethic has been great but also learning, you know when it’s over you rest so you can come back the next day.” .”

Taylor also asked him for a prediction for the upcoming season, and according to Ojeleye, one of Boston’s rivals could take home Larry O’Brien this year.

“I won’t lie. I think Philly’s got a good shot, man. You’re looking good this year. Really good,” revealed Ojeleye.

It’s great to hear Ojeleye speak so highly of Tatum and Brown, but Celtics fans may not be too happy with his title prediction.

It’s great to hear Ojeleye speak so highly of Tatum and Brown, but Celtics fans may not be too happy with his title prediction.

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