Saturday, June 25, 2022

Former Celtic gets brutally honest about movie co-star: ‘I wasn’t a fan!’

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Former Boston Celtics player Juancho Hernangomez recently told Entertainment Weekly about his relationship with Adam Sandler during filming Hurry. Produced by LeBron James, Hurry Stars Sandler, who plays a scout for the Philadelphia 76ers who recruits Hernangomez’s character Bo Cruz for the upcoming NBA draft.

Before the two starred in the sports film together, Hernangomez admitted that while he was previously aware of Sandler’s work, he wasn’t a huge admirer.

“Obviously, being from Spain, I know his films, but I’ve never been a fan,” Hernangomez told Entertainment Weekly. However, according to Hernangomez, it didn’t take too long for the two to develop a strong relationship. “From day one, once we got through the chemistry and the adjustment, we loved each other so much … He loved me like his older son, and I looked at him like my father. We had a good relationship in every respect. He took care of me from day one.”

Hernangomez also said it was their shared passion for the game of basketball that ultimately created the special bond they had.

“(Sandler) loves basketball; he really, really, really loves it,” Hernangomez said. “He watches all the games; He texts me after the games. It’s crazy how good our relationship is. We spent so much time together; We have developed good chemistry.”

Hurry is now in select theaters and currently available to stream on Netflix.

Hurry had many former and current NBA players, either to play supporting roles, like Anthony Edwards and Kenny Smith, or as special cameos, like NBA legend Julius Erving and Luka Doncic. Of course, since there were so many NBA players and staff, there were also those who have or had a connection with the Celtics.

Of course, there was Juancho Hernangomez, who played 18 games for the Celtics before being traded to the San Antonio Spurs in the 2021-22 season, but there were other current or former Celtics employees, either as characters or as themselves occurred .

Since this film revolved around the organization of the Philadelphia 76ers, it made sense that former Celtics coach Doc Rivers, who is currently the head coach of the Sixers, would star in the film himself. Former head coach and current head of basketball Brad Stevens also appears in the film, playing himself. Former Celtic Moe Wagner, who played nine games for the team in 2021 before being fired, also made an appearance. However, Wagner played a German prospect named “Haas” who was nicknamed “German MJ” after Michael Jordan.

From June 10th Hurry currently has a 92 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes from film critics, with 91 percent from viewer ratings, indicating that the reception from everyone has been almost unanimously positive.

The consensus of critics on the site read as follows: “Hurry doesn’t have fancy moves, but he doesn’t need them either – Adam Sandler’s Everyman charm makes this easy layup a pleasure.”

Sandler’s previous sports film starring a former Celtic – Kevin Garnett – Unpolished gems has exactly the same rating from critics, although this film has a viewer rating of 52 percent.

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