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Former Bills QB struggling in Pittsburgh and could lose job to rookie

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Mitch Trubisky’s grip on the starting job in Pittsburgh could be loosening a little.

The former Buffalo Bills quarterback is the declared starter when the Pittsburgh Steelers opened training camp on Wednesday, but drew some taunts from fans when he struggled with throws during practice. Trubisky is looking for a career restart after losing his starting job with the Chicago Bears and then spending a season as Josh Allen’s backup in Buffalo, but could soon face a challenge for his position in Pittsburgh.

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It was a difficult start for Trubisky at practice on July 27 in Pittsburgh, when he threw incompletes during his first two reps with the first-team offense and then threw an interception on the third. As ESPN’s Brooke Pryor noted, the performance prompted an immediate call for rookie Kenny Pickett, who was behind Trubisky on the depth chart.

A rocky start aside, Trubisky has worked hard to secure his place at the top of the Pittsburgh depth chart. He invited the team’s passcatchers and other quarterbacks to practice at his home in South Florida and said he felt he had a good understanding of offense.

The 27-year-old quarterback didn’t seem too stressed about his difficult start in training camp, noting that coach Mike Tomlin told the quarterbacks to “go out there and play free.”

“That’s just part of the territory when it comes to a quarterback,” Trubisky said of his rough throws via “You don’t hold your head up for every single throw anyway. You have to let it go and just play. If you don’t think about it, you’re playing your best anyway.”

Looking better as practice went, Trubisky found rookie receiver George Pickens with a deep throw.

Trubisky said the year he spent with the Bills was very helpful for his career and mindset.

“It’s been a good reset year,” Trubisky said. “I learned a lot in Buffalo and I think I’ll bring those experiences to bear this year. Mentally it was a good reset for me. It helps me gain a lot of confidence and that I can go out there and be a starter again.

Insiders still believe Trubisky will be the starter when the Steelers open their season on Sept. 11, and Trubisky said he believes the depth map will remain the same as through minicamp and OTAs.

“As far as I know, it’s going to stay much the way it was,” Trubisky said of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “I just take it one day at a time. If I am me and continue to lead this team and get better every day, then everything will work out.”

Training camp or pre-season may not change the depth table order. NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo reported that Trubisky has a “considerable lead” over Pickett.

But some believe Trubisky can’t hold off Pickett forever. USA Today’s BET FTW’s Robert Zeglinski speculated that the Steelers wouldn’t give Trubisky too much leeway if he struggled like he did in Chicago.

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