Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Former Baltimore LB Bart Scott appears in Ravens’ Hollywood Brown in Savage Rant. nuclear

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Former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Bart Scott went after current Ravens recipient Marquise ‘Hollywood’ Brown again today, bragging about his references in Baltimore and listing recipients he believes are better than Brown.

“I have added stones to this legacy [in Baltimore]”So never come to me, brother,” Scott said in a rant that focused, among other things, on comparing the placement of each player’s images in the Ravens facilities.

“Your pictures are only part of the week’s catch. They just do this to make you feel good, ”said Scott, who claimed his pictures made him more important to the Ravens than Brown.

Scott joined the Ravens as a permanent free agent from Southern Illinois University in 2002 and spent six seasons in Baltimore before signing a sizable deal with the New York Jets. Although he began his career working on Special Teams, he eventually appeared as a starter at Inside Linebacker after an injury to Hall of Famer Ray Lewis.

“The fact that [the Ravens] went out and designed Rashod Bateman so you know they won’t be sold as number one, ”Scott continued, despite Brown producing like a top notch receiver this season.

Scott’s comments came in response to Brown making fun of his first name, Bart, after the retired linebacker said yesterday that Brown “wouldn’t compete on other NFL teams.”

One of the captions on Scott’s video is “Showing my work,” but it is unclear what research Scott conducted to conclude that Hollywood Brown would not start on the 10 teams Scott listed.

Brown currently ranks eighth among all players with 451 yards this season, more than multiple receivers Scott claimed were better than Brown including Mike Evans, Stefon Diggs and Keenan Allen.

He also has five touchdowns that are second in the NFL behind Cooper Kupp of the Los Angeles Rams.

Brown is also the seventh best Pro Football Focus receiver this season, ahead of Tyreek Hill, Ja’Marr Chase and DeAndre Hopkins, whom Scott also mentioned in his curse.

All of this happens despite a two-drop game against the Detroit Lions that saw Brown slip multiple touchdown opportunities out of his hands. He immediately bounced back with touchdowns in back-to-back games, including that flying ditch against the Denver Broncos.

If Hollywood maintains its high level of play, he will finish with 95 catches, 17 touchdowns, and more than 1,500 yards, an absurd pace that would make him one of the most productive receivers in football.

Brown made Scott the clown yesterday because of his first name, which apparently started the former linebacker.

In one of the videos released today, Scott bragged that his name was superior to Brown and said, “My name is Bartholomew. And Bartholomew will get you an interview anywhere. “

Many observers accused Scott of being light on racism in hiring practices when he said, “Marqueez, Marquise, mmm, you don’t get callbacks sometimes, brother.”

As if that weren’t enough, Scott made fun of Brown’s nickname: “Your career has been anything but Hollywood so far. It was more Bollywood than anything else. “

It seems strange that Scott would use Bollywood, the nickname for India’s film industry, as an insult to an American football player. After all, India produces the most films almost every year and sells the movie tickets worldwide, according to Anastasia Santorenos of Yahoo Finance.

Brown didn’t reply directly to Scott’s latest comments, but he retweeted this post from Sarah Ellison, who is defending the young recipient.

Many observers accused Scott of being light on racism in hiring practices when he said, “Marqueez, Marquise, mmm, you don’t get callbacks sometimes, brother.”

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