Sunday, September 25, 2022

Former 49ers defend Jimmy Garoppolo: ‘Due a big apology’

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Jimmy Garoppolo has just secured another long stint with the San Francisco 49ers.

It didn’t take Garoppolo long to reclaim QB1 duties for the 49ers, although this time on Sunday, September 18, it was because of an urgent need.

As noted by Heavy on 49ers reporter Matty Breisch, Trey Lance was carried off the field with what he called a “cruel” ankle injury. ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter later revealed that Lance will likely need surgery — eliminating his 2022 season.

How did Garoppolo react? By helping lead the 49ers to a 27-7 win over rival Seattle Seahawks to avoid a 2-0. And in the process spawned two online defenders in the form of former Garoppolo teammates.

Just a week ago, Garoppolo’s name was being tapped as a potential future member of the Dallas Cowboys — all after Dak Prescott injured his right thumb in Week 1 and the Cowboys appeared to need QB depth.

Kyle Shanahan even hinted to the Bay Area media that the 49ers sounded open to hearing deals after the injury. However, Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones shot down the idea later in the week, and no deal was made and he trusted Cooper Rush.

But before that, there were 49ers fans and members of the NFL media who believed Garoppolo deserved to be traded away to make way for the third overall pick of the 2021 NFL draft.

Now, after combining for two touchdowns – one against one 38-yard connection to Ross Dwelley and the others on a QB sneak — Garoppolo received some supporters.

One was Leon O’Neal, who joined the 49ers as an undrafted free agent from the 2022 draft class. Texas A&M security broke the news via his personal Twitter account.

“Some people owe Jimmy G a big apology.” O’Neal posted.

O’Neal sent his prayers to the fallen Lance.

But O’Neal wasn’t the only former 49er to rush to Garoppolo’s defense. So did the man who played quarterback with Garoppolo in his last Super Bowl: Richard Sherman.

The 49ers defender from 2018-2020, who has since moved into broadcast territory with Amazon, is urging 49ers fans to support whoever is behind the center – and that includes Jimmy G.

“A lot of coaches are frowning right now that they’re going to face Jimmy G. Going up against a rookie learning the position has its challenges. But Jimmy knows this offense and can execute it efficiently and effectively. I hope 49ers fans can come together and support both QBs,” Sherman urged.

Garoppolo’s defenders weren’t just those who wore a 49ers helmet.

Some represented the media, like Bay Area columnist Ann Killion.

“I hope everyone appreciates how well Jimmy Garoppolo has handled this strange situation over the past two years,” Killion said.

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport called Garoppolo’s resurgence “the ultimate insurance.”

Finally, Eric Branch of the San Francisco Chronicle captured this scene: Garoppolo signing autographs for 49er fans.

Even The Athletic’s David Lombardi made this notation: He’s never seen a 49ers player come out of a press conference to sign autographs in his years covering the Niners.

Some represented the media, like Bay Area columnist Ann Killion.

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