Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Former #1 pick associated with Warriors as a potential trade target: Exec

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Immediately following Draymond Green’s altercation with Jordan Poole, the Golden State Warriors expressed confidence that they could overcome the situation. No one glossed over the work required; For his part, head coach Steve Kerr said it was the “biggest crisis” the Dubs have faced since the beginning of their dynasty. But there was clearly a belief that the club could get back on track emotionally.

Fast forward to now and the jury is still out on whether or not that can actually happen. In any case, Green seems to be doing everything he can to be a good force in the dressing room and on the pitch. By all reports, he was a key figure in the players-only meeting that sparked Friday’s win over the New York Knicks.

While Green continues to be a model citizen, real questions need to be asked about his long-term place in the franchise.

Should team president Bob Myers and his brain trust decide it’s time to move on, a league executive can envision a scenario in which the Warriors target Brooklyn Nets star Ben Simmons as a potential replacement.

Before Simmons moved to Brooklyn, there had been rumors that the Warriors could strike a deal with the Philadelphia 76ers to secure his services. In July 2021, the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Keith Pompey even reported that Golden State had an offer on the table to send the former No. 1 to the bay.

In the end, however, the question was too big for the Warriors to pull the trigger.

Heavy Sports’ Sean Deveney recently spoke to a Western Conference executive about the possibility that the Warriors could potentially revisit a trade involving Simmons. And the managing director has not dismissed the concept as a possibility – quite the opposite.

“As much as they don’t want to trade any of their youngsters, the idea of ​​bringing in Ben Simmons at age 26 would be the kind of thing that might make them change course,” the manager told Deveney.

“He could take on Draymond’s role with this team and he’s a lot more athletic, a better passer and possibly just as defensively present – possibly. He obviously lacks Draymond’s fire and passion.”

Across 11 appearances (including six starts) for the Nets this season, Simmons is averaging 6.6 points, 6.7 rebounds, 5.7 assists and 1.0 steals per contest — a Draymond-like line if there ever was one . And the manager believes Golden State has the pieces to entice Brooklyn into dealing.

“Would the nets do it? That is the question. But if you can [Jonathan] Kuminga and Draymond in exchange for Simmons if you’re the Nets that’s not a bad deal,” he said.

There was also a belief that Simmons might find himself with the dubs.

“The thing about the Warriors is they look at where Andrew Wiggins is now and they think they can fix anybody. Even Simmons. It’s a good environment for him, with workers like Klay [Thompson] and steph [Curry] There’s a high bar to be reached there, and you’ve seen how it changed Wiggins. Maybe it would work for Simmons too.”

There is a problem when it comes to a Simmons trade. League rules prohibit teams from trading in players who have signed certain rookie renewals if they already have such a player in their roster. In this case, both Wiggins and Simmons signed certain renewals with their previous clubs.

However, the rule could go away if the NBA and its players renegotiate the CBA in the summer (assuming either side exercises their opt-out before December 15, otherwise we’re looking at summer 2024). Or the warriors could simply choose to trade Wiggins, either to the webs or to a third party.

However, whether such a move would actually be enough to keep the team on the cover is debatable.

However, whether such a move would actually be enough to keep the team on the cover is debatable.

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