Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Executive hails ‘solid’ Aidan Hutchinson; Insider cheers for Jamaal Williams

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The Detroit Lions are on an astounding three-game winning streak and have been sustained by a solid offense and a resurgent defense that has picked up sharply of late.

In Week 11, the Lions made a difference on the field in both phases of the game and Aidan Hutchinson led the defense with a clutch interception as well as a crucial fumble recovery in the fourth quarter.

Heavy.com NFL insider Matt Lombardo observed the 31-18 win and reached out to an NFC human resources executive after the game to talk about the rookie defensive end. As explained to him in his Week 11 recap, Hutchinson is just a solid player all round, even if he’s not among the elite.

“Aidan is a very good player,” an NFC staffer told Heavy. “He may not be elite but he’s solid in every way and he will be until the day he retires,” Lombardo wrote after speaking to the source in his article after the game.

Solid was the name of the game for Hutchinson in this competition and for most of this year. For his pick, he dropped back and read the eyes of Daniel Jones, who came up for an interception that helped jumpstart Detroit’s offense. The recognition for the game was fantastic for a young player.

As CBS Sports would be quick to point out, Hutchinson has made a huge impression so far this season with his elite ability to transform the game as a defender given the sacks and picks he has accumulated so far. He’s at the top of the rookie class overall.

“There’s only one rookie this season with multiple sacks and interceptions. Aidan Hutchinson”, the website tweeted.

Hutchinson is a solid player who is playing a leading role in the Lions’ winning streak. Don’t be surprised if it stays that way in the future. It’s a fact that fans, as well as analysts and executives, seem to be able to agree on.

It was not only a great day for the defense, but also for the offensive of the team. Detroit beat the Giants into submission with a total of 160 rushing yards and four touchdowns. Three of these scores came from Jamaal Williams.

Lombardo was impressed enough with Williams to give him the title of his MVP for the week, given the sledgehammer role he played for the team in goal-line situations and his touchdown breakout.

“Just call the Lions the Detroit Jamaal Williamses,” Lombardo joked in the piece, citing his big, rushed performance as something that made the difference in his MVP honor for this week.

Detroit, once a joke regarding a rushed offense, is now the league’s toast when it comes to leading the ball. Williams was a big reason this was the case for the team.

Back to Hutchinson, at this point, there’s no reason he shouldn’t be the NFL’s Defensive Rookie of the Year. Week in and week out he continues to prove his worth to the team on the field with brave play.

Hutchinson has amassed 5.5 sacks, the most for a rookie. He also has the two interceptions to his credit and was a threat to opposing passers, as he showed again in the game.

It’s rare for rookies to be called up to the Pro Bowl, but Hutchinson has to be an exception given how he’s changed the game for Detroit leading up to it. Given the huge impact he’s making on the defensive side of the ball in the league, fans may have little choice but to put him there.

Both Hutchinson and Williams can no longer be ignored for their work on the field this season.

Both Hutchinson and Williams can no longer be ignored for their work on the field this season.

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