Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Ex-giants are in hot water over controversial tweets

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A day after Sunday’s Divisional Round playoff win over the Buffalo Bills, Eli Apple, former New York Giants first-round draft pick and current Cincinnati Bengals cornerback, tweeted a series of shots at the Bills, including one fired by NFL- fans is classified as insensitive.

Apple taunted Bills quarterback Josh Allen and wide receiver Stefon Diggs and suggested both should go couples therapy During Sunday’s game, Diggs was seen on TV cameras heating up with Allen over missed throws. Then, when Diggs addressed the backlash From his emotion towards Allen on the sidelines on Twitter, Apple also apparently targeted the safety of the Bills, Damar Hamlin, using Hamlin’s signature hands in a heart emoji.

Apple’s “Cancun on 3” part appears to refer to a taunt by Nick Van Exel, who once ended a group with the words “One, two, three, Cancun!”

However, one could have agreed with Apple if it weren’t for the heart emoji.

Hamlin, who made his first public appearance since going into cardiac arrest after a tackle against the Bengals three weeks ago, waved to fans from a stadium suite on Sunday as the same two teams met again for a divisional playoff game. The crowd cheered as he stood in front of the windows and raised his arms to greet the crowd, ending by making a heart sign with his hands, which is his signature gesture.

Apple has not yet commented on the reaction to its controversial tweet.

Apple’s post enraged the NFL community.

“This is gross. This emoji is meant to mock a person he literally saw die on the soccer field and resurrected twice. This isn’t shitty talk, this looks like what it’s like to be a shitty person,” one fan wrote.

“It’s crazy how a single player can make so many people despise an entire team.” wrote another fan.

While Apple wasn’t directly referring to Hamlin, it seemed clear that Bill’s mafia thinks the emoji was

“Trash talk is part of the game. It’s absolute rubbish to make it personal about a kid who almost died,” said one Bills fan tweeted as answer to.

“Did you really make fun of Diggs and mock Damar Hamlin? You are a scumbag. Continue to remain a below average corner in this league.” tweeted another Bills fan.

The Giants drafted Apple with their 10th overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. In his sophomore season, he was suspended by the team for the 2017 season finale after allegedly getting into an argument with the coaching staff.

Apple only lasted two and a half seasons with the Giants. During his final season in New York, current Giants safety man Landon Collins publicly called Apple “a cancer” in the locker room.

He served with a few teams before landing with the Bengals in 2021. In 18 games (regular season and postseason) as a starter this season, the 27-year-old had 49 tackles, 2 interceptions and one fumble recovery.

Apple is no stranger to the subject of scrutiny and ridicule. After the Bengals defeated the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship in 2021, he trolled past All-Pro wide receiver Tyreek Hill and teammate Mecole Hardman to offer them Super Bowl tickets. Then, after the Super Bowl, Apple was mocked on social media for allowing Cooper Kupp to score the Los Angeles Rams’ game-winning touchdown late in the fourth quarter.

While Apple wasn’t directly referring to Hamlin, it seemed clear that Bill’s mafia thinks the emoji was

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