Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Ex-Celtics champ listens to Sixers stars James Harden and Joel Embiid

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Former Boston Celtics world champion Kendrick Perkins had his finger on the pulse of the James Harden trade before it happened. Perkins knew his former teammate was dying to team up with Joel Embiid. And he predicted it correctly.

Eight months later, Perkins was ready for some follow-up prophecies. The ESPN analyst chatted with Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson by Bally Sports and on the state of the Philadelphia 76ers. Perkins sees another MVP push for Embiid, along with Harden’s maturing as the NBA’s elite point guard. His days as a 30-point scorer are over.

“James Harden is going to come out and embrace the point guard role so much that we’re actually going to be talking about him being the best point guard in the NBA,” Perkins told Robinson. “I think he doesn’t think he gets enough credit for this shit. A great scorer to actually turn into a great point guard? I mean, he averaged over 10 assists last year, you know what I’m saying? That’s why I’m interested in it.”

Harden averaged 21.0 points and 10.5 assists in 21 regular-season games for the Sixers last year. But he got heat for giving in to teammates instead of attacking. His many critics wanted Harden to take over games in the postseason. He isn’t anymore. The Houston James Harden was retired.

Harden has been very vocal about wanting to win a championship alongside Embiid in Philadelphia. Heck, the future Hall of Famer had to take nearly a $15 million pay cut so the team could streamline the roster. He really wants to win. According to Perkins, Harden and Embiid are included.

“I firmly believe that James Harden will help him [Embiid] Get it done,” Perkins said. “I don’t think James Harden is going to come out and I don’t want people expecting James Harden to come out and be that 25-30 point scorer… does he have to be more efficient now? ? Absolutely. And I think he will.”

Harden’s presence should also make Embiid the frontrunner for MVP. After being Nikola Jokic’s second-best runner-up for two years in a row, the MVP award is now up for grabs. This is finally the year Embiid gets his debt.

“You know what? He’s going to come out as a heavy favorite already, okay? That’s my opinion,” Perkins said. “And I think averaging a cool 26 and 10 or 26 and 11 and one of the best records in the NBA… he will.” to make it.”

Sixers head coach Doc Rivers was trending on Twitter late Friday night for all the wrong reasons. Rivers came under fire when it was discovered that eight of his last nine likes had pornographic content. wait what

People went insane over the mishap, prompting the Sixers to take action and curb the “bizarre activities.” It turned out that Rivers’ Twitter account had been hacked. Corresponding NBC Sports’ John Clarkeverything is “fully functional again”.

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