Monday, June 27, 2022

Draymond Green’s wife continues war of words with Celtics fans

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Ever since the Boston Celtics crowd attacked Draymond Green with f**k you chants in the fourth quarter of their 116-100 win over the Golden State Warriors, there’s been a lot of talk about how viewers should behave towards players.

Green’s wife has been quite vocal on the issue, insulting the crowds who dropped F-bombs on her husband while two of their children were present, noting that other fandoms would not act in a similar manner.

After the incident Green’s wife, Hazel Renee, posted on her Instagram Story berating the Celtics fan base for the treatment of her husband. However, as strong takes continue to pile up on social media, Hazel Renee shared another post that continues the war of words.

“Wow. Screw you Celtics fans. All I have to say is fuck you. The reaction I’ve seen from what I’ve said is all negative. My husband, Draymond Green, is a “Gosh, the audacity of your fanbase @Celtics is just disgusting. My son was scrolling through his NBA Twitter burner account and came across some really rude comments towards his dad. This can’t be tolerated anymore.” Hazel Renee wrote on her Instagram stories.

There may be four more games to be played between these two teams, two of which will be at TD Garden. We can therefore assume that this war of words will continue to escalate in the coming days.

Following his team’s 116-100 loss to the Boston Celtics on June 8, the three-time NBA champion spoke directly on his show podcast, The Draymond Green, in response to chants echoing throughout the Celtics arena.

“F**k you too,” Green said after addressing the chants. However, Green noted how concerned he is for his family after seeing them visually upset after two of his three children witnessed the abuse he received from the crowd. But Green has played in hostile environments before and usually feeds on the negative energy.

Green plays with intensity, heart, and rush, but is extremely aagonistic in his playstyle, which means he’s often cast as the villain during the playoffs, and sometimes, rightly or wrongly, the villain gets molested.

Hazel Renee wasn’t the only one to take offense at the behavior of Boston fans during their contest on June 8, when Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr and three-time NBA champion Klay Thompson both made sarcastic comments when they took their opinions were asked location.

“We’ve played in front of rude people before. Drop F-bombs with kids in the crowd. Great. Good job Boston,” Thomspon said during his post-game press conference.

“The crowd’s reaction to Draymond? Nobel. Very classy,” Kerr said when asking Klay Thompson a similar question.

It’s often said that both teams get fed up by the end of an NBA playoff series, and in this case three games seems to have been enough to bring things to a boiling point. However, the Celtics and Warriors will meet again on June 10, where Kerr and his team will look to level the streak and Ime Udoka’s men will aim to take a 3-1 lead going into game five in San Francisco take over.

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