Thursday, December 2, 2021

Discussion with Stefan Effenberg Women’s quota in football? Calmund is against it

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More women in German football: This is discussed more and more often. In the Sport1 “one-two-pass”, consideration was given to how football could open up more and how less distinction would be made between women and men.

Heated discussions in the Sport1 program “Doppelpass”. Columnist Stefan Effenberg had a clear opinion in his t-online thesis: “The DFB needs female expertise in management, at the top of the association and in the various male national teams.” So far so good.

But how could that be implemented? Journalist Jan Christian Müller from the “Frankfurter Rundschau”: “There has to be a completely different culture in the DFB.” Stefan Effenberg agrees and says: “There must be no distinction between men and women. It should only be about how great the expertise is.”

And then also provides an example. During his coaching training, Effenberg had, among others, the 2005 European champion, Britta Carlson, a former player in the team whom he would certainly trust to gain a foothold in the men’s business. The Sport1 expert: “There would be nothing against including her in a team of coaches. She did an excellent job back then.”

Ex-Bundesliga manager Reiner Calmund also joins the discussion, wants “no quota”, but that “quality prevails in the end”. The only woman in the group, ex-national player Inka Grings, has a hard time asserting herself in the men’s group. Although she has already trained a men’s club with SV Straelen.

Grings: “It doesn’t work if you only change one thing, something fundamental has to be done. How can you prove yourself if you don’t get a chance?” The signing of Donata Hopfen as successor to Christian Seifert as DFL boss has shown that something can happen in German football. How things can go on, when football will open up further – not yet foreseeable.

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