Monday, October 25, 2021

Derrick Rose tries to break the New York Knicks rookie out of his shell

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While the New York Knicks continue to build a relationship between their veterans and the young players, point guard Derrick Rose has created a mission of his own.

It may not seem like it, but Rose is entering his 14th year in the NBA, so he’s settled into his role as the wise sage of the team, but he still has a lot going for him, both as a veteran and in himself in court.

Knicks rookie Jericho Sims, who was ranked 58th in the latest NBA draft, gets a longer look this preseason because both Mitchell Robinson and Nerlens Noel were injured.

The team probably didn’t expect him to bet much this season, but the dominoes have fallen so much that Sims is getting plenty of game time.

Rose has some encouraging words for Sims, but he’ll try to get him to turn up a bit.

At just 22 years old, Sims has a lot to do in the league, but Rose tries to jump-start.

“He’s a great big guy,” said Rose, according to the New York Post. “He has a lot of potential. He’s an introvert. I can tell, I can identify with him. We have this relationship in which I can see her. “

Being a rookie on an NBA team that has made a playoff appearance can be daunting, especially if you’re introverted too, but Rose says it’s his job to get Sims to be louder on his team will.

“He’s talking, but I can see that in him,” said Rose. “My job as a vet is to get it to break out of its shell. As a grown-up you have to be able to speak and communicate. Thibs won’t let him be calm on the court. It is my job to help. “

If Noel and Robinson get well, we probably won’t see many Sims on the lineup, but that doesn’t mean Rose isn’t still taking him under his wing.

When we’re healthy, we’ll likely look at a rotation that consists of Robinson, Noel, and Taj Gibson in the middle position.

Gibson started with Robinson and Noel, and since this is a guy Thibodeau trusts very much, he’ll likely remain the option in case neither of them is ready to leave.

This doesn’t mean Sims has no future with the team, it just means that he probably won’t see many minutes on the ground as the season progresses. As he is a late second round pick, this should come as very surprising, but Sims has shown some talent in his limited action.

If its development continues like this, it could prove to be an important part of the Knicks in about a year.

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If its development continues like this, it could prove to be an important part of the Knicks in about a year.

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