Tuesday, August 9, 2022

D’Andre Swift receives a pre-season rating for Terrible Madden 23

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D’Andre Swift got off to a rocky start to his career with the Detroit Lions, and as a result, he often doesn’t get the respect he deserves when it comes to up-and-coming NFL runners in the league.

However, Swift looks ready to make a serious run at a turn in the 2022 season. He looks empowered on the field and will run behind an offensive line that most consider one of the best in the NFL.

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In early 2022, Swift was again dissed, this time from Madden 23 and EA Sports. The game only ranked Swift as 80th overall. While that was highest for the Lions at his position, there were still several runners ahead of Swift in the league. As Chris Burke pointed out, Madden has placed 28 running backs ahead of Swift for the upcoming season.

Perhaps most annoying for Swift? The fact that he turned out to only have a 68 overall rating for strength. Obviously, Madden is passing old Swift by, who might have been a little more frail. Ahead of 2022, however, Swift is looking strengthened and stronger, so he may be grossly underestimated on that metric for 2022.

This isn’t the first time Swift has been underestimated this offseason. Pro Football Network badly missed him in their running back rankings and got a earful from fans on Twitter.

It’s hard to imagine 28 other runners in the NFL being better than Swift, but at this point Madden believes they are.

To her credit, Madden has already poked fun at her Swift rating and posted a video about how he might need to change his rating. In the video, Swift is shown dodging lasers and moving for a Madden advisor. Swift admits he wants to see himself as 90, but the analyst interjects that Swift only sees 89 on the lasers and doesn’t want to see 90. Here’s a look at the video:

Obviously, it’s fun to see that both the game and EA Sports have a sense of humor about their much-criticized rankings. Swift’s agreement to participate shows that he has a great sense of humor about the reviews and doesn’t take them too seriously.

While it’s easy to understand that some might be afraid to give Swift respect to other top runners in the league, there’s no reason to rank him that low, even in Madden. At this point in his career, Swift’s issues concern his health more than anything else. This offseason, Swift has been massaging himself trying to work that out and looks like a good bet to have a longer-lasting, better season as a result.

Swift will also benefit from a Lions offense that can be expected to continue pounding the rocks this year with him as a feature piece. In addition to running the ball, Swift can also catch the ball, leading him to influence the entire game as a potential dual threat elite player on the offensive side of things. Swift can do a little bit of everything on the field and is therefore greatly underestimated.

Add it up and it sure seems like Swift is being underrated again. Whether that’s true or not, Swift has a chance to prove everyone wrong on the field in the 2022 season.

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