Thursday, December 2, 2021

Dan Campbell provides important update on the Lions’ kicker position

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It wasn’t a prominent day for the Detroit Lions’ kicking game in the tie against the Pittsburgh Steelers, and it could be argued that the team didn’t win thanks to their kicker alone.

Ryan Santoso joined the squad thanks to an injury to Austin Seibert and it wasn’t a banner day for the special teams just because of that performance. Santoso sensed an extra point and a game-winning field goal, both of which could have proven the difference for the team in the end. With that in mind, the Lions are actually looking around and trying to find a new kicker for week 11.

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Speaking to the media on Monday November 15th, Campbell was asked about the kicking situation and confirmed that the team would be checking out some other players this week.

“We’re going to bring in a few guys and work them out and see who is the best for the job,” said Campbell honestly on Monday when asked about his attitude towards the kicker situation.

In particular, in no event did Campbell blame Santoso for the snap or stop, which he confirmed to be correct.

“The procedure was good, the snapshot, the hold with both was good. No, they did a good job, ”said Campbell.

Here’s a look at the miss who made waves in the NFL:

Campbell’s brevity may say it all as to the situation. It is clear that the coach was not satisfied with the missed kicks and knows how dearly it cost his team. As a result, a new player might actually come to town this week.

At the moment there are several options for the Lions at table football. The team could choose a veteran like Eddy Pineiro, Chris Blewitt, Josh Lambo, or Brett Maher as all of them are free agents. Detroit could also look for a younger option from a team’s practice team if left unprotected, such as Jake Verity in Baltimore.

Perhaps Pineiro could be the best option for Detroit, considering he knows the department and is a free agent. He also did a good job in his last stations, as this video shows:

At 26, Pineiro could be a potential short- and long-term option for the team. The Lions are clearly struggling with kicker and need a boost that it could deliver.

Many may forget that the Lions had Santoso as a punter and kicker last season but decided to let him go. He wasn’t able to make the list of Jack Fox and Matt Prater holed up in the position, so he went elsewhere. Santoso’s way back to Detroit was fascinating. He signed with the Tennessee Titans last year and played 1,018 yards and 9 touchbacks as a kickoff specialist in three games. From there he ended up with the New York Giants, and although he kicked well, he didn’t earn the job outside of the camp. It was outsourced to the Panthers again via trade, but did not remain as a kicker. Then he was signed to the Titans’ training team. The Lions added him to their training roster to explain the loss of Zane Gonzalez.

Santoso has had a big leg since college in Minnesota. He was 76-77 in college on extra points and 29-39 on kicks. He also doubled as a player on the team. Here are some of his work from his college pro day:

With the Lions, Santoso was 2-3 for kicks and 6-8 for extra points. While it’s not bad, it is nowhere near good enough for the Detroit brass section.

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With the Lions, Santoso was 2-3 for kicks and 6-8 for extra points. While it’s not bad, it is nowhere near good enough for the Detroit brass section.

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