Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Dan Campbell praised after emotional press: “It shows how much he cares”

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Dan Campbell was clearly frustrated after the Detroit Lions lost another close game to drop to 5-0 in the 2021 season, and some of that frustration spilled over onto the podium after the game.

After Detroit’s 19-17 loss to the Minnesota Vikings, Campbell exposed his soul in ways that not many NFL coaches do. He spoke passionately about wanting to win in order to see his players happy and shed a few tears after the podium match.

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Unsurprisingly, the internet community responded to the scene in a big way after the game. Perhaps the best reaction came from the outspoken football personality Emmanuel Acho. As Acho said, even when others disagree, he loved seeing Campbell shed a few tears because it shows how much he cares.

A fan of Campbell from the start, Barstool Sports personality Big Cat also seemed to appreciate Campbell’s authentic tears.

As others said, they cheer Campbell on simply because he showed emotion in a very real way after a game.

Obviously, the public sentiment was very supportive of Campbell after the loss, and it feels like the Lions may be embracing an adorable loser label after suffering so many heartbreaking losses earlier this season. People who pay attention see the real connection Campbell has with his cadre and his new town.

After the game, Campbell was emotional when speaking to the media and shedding a few tears. As recorded by Fox 2 Sports on Twitter, the coach, who so often wears his heart on his sleeve, carried his soul once more, this time with a few tears.

“When you see your players giving their all and you lose that way, it’s tough. You don’t want that for her. But we’ll be better for it. Minnesota is also credited here, but we made the one mistake that cost us. So in the end we didn’t do enough to win. And I love the struggle they carry and I love their courage. “

Lions fans will appreciate this feeling and emotion from their trainer. Honestly, he gets it and shows as much excitement and disappointment as the average fan.

The Lions have had a loss record for decades, but as part of that, they may never have had a coach who cares enough about being so bothered by defeat. The Lions have had robot personalities over the years who spit platitudes after defeat, but Campbell is clearly not that wired. It is evident that the coach wants to win the badly and is motivated to get wins for the franchise and the city in every possible way.

This way of thinking has long been lacking in the city, especially when it comes to the football team. The Lions could have a trainer in Campbell who understands the frustration and is eager to repent. That can be important when trying to establish a winning culture with a new team.

While coaches don’t cry often after games, the situation at Campbell is obviously very different.

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