Saturday, November 27, 2021

Dan Campbell explains why Jared Goff gives Lions the “best chance” of winning

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Jared Goff struggled through another rocky performance on the field in Week 10, and that left a lot of people wondering whether or not the team should take a different direction at the quarterback in the coming weeks.

Still, there is no change in sight. Detroit Lions trainer Dan Campbell spoke on Monday, November 15, and was asked about Goff’s future status. As he admitted, no change is in sight.

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Speaking to the media on Monday November 15, Campbell was asked about the next plan and admitted that he didn’t think Goff was the right man to move the team forward. Brad Galli from WXYZ had the clip:

“It’s hard to say he shouldn’t be the type now. It’s hard to say man. Because here, too, our protection breaks down every time we try to throw it and fall back. So, until we can get things right around him, yes, there are throws that we want to see that he has to do. There was an arrow we threw Caliph (Raymond) that he was supposed to make, and he’s pissed off about it too. But in the end I still think he’s the guy who gives us the best chances. “

Fans may not like it, but Goff is likely to stay as a quarterback, according to the coach.

A big reason for many of Goff’s problems last weekend was not just sloppy conditions, but also an injury he sustained during the game. As the coach said, Goff was still giving Detroit the best chance to win during the time and didn’t want to get out, so he kept playing. While that may sound like a mistake, it worked out in the end.

On Monday, Campbell said that Goff was being examined, but he didn’t believe any of Detroit’s ailments were long-term, including Goff.

“You know, I’d say most of these guys really aren’t going to know a lot, but I can’t say that everything looks long-term. I would say some of them are not as bad as they appeared. We’ll know more in a few days, but I have a feeling we’ll get out of here well. “

When Goff is healthy, fans can expect to see him back on the field for the Lions. It seems like a good bet at this point.

While many would like the Lions to move in a different direction, keeping Goff as a quarterback who rules out any type of injury is the right move for Campbell and the staff.

This may be a controversial statement for several sections of the Lions fan base, but Goff’s bench press is actually counterproductive for the team that finds the juice to get a win. As much as David Blough has experience on his side, his 1,033 passing yards, 4 touchdowns and 7 interceptions are not great statistics. Tim Boyle is still injured and if he comes back he will not have played a significant regular season game in his career. Dan Campbell would be wise to avoid the noise and keep his quarterback entrenched. Sitting Goff would simply send the message that the team is quitting, thus allowing the players to quit and check out as well. Even the most ardent pessimist would have to admit that goff isn’t the biggest problem for the 2021 Lions right now.

Removing it would do nothing to rekindle the team and could only have a negative impact when all is said and done. The Lions must do more to help Goff than panic a player where at this point there is obviously no one better behind him.

Thanks to Campbell for realizing this and sticking with his player.

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