Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Curiosity in German ice hockey Nuremberg conceded phantom goal – rating remains

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As in the past with the footballers from 1. FC Nürnberg, a phantom goal was now scored against the Nürnberg Ice Tigers in the German Ice Hockey League. The club is outraged – but there are no consequences.

The German Ice Hockey League (DEL) does not want to draw any consequences despite a phantom goal in the game between the Augsburg Panthers and the Nürnberg Ice Tigers (3: 1) on Sunday evening. After checking the video recordings on Monday, the league officials admitted that the puck “apparently got into the goal laterally through the goal net” when the Augsburg player Adam Payerl hit, but also emphasized: “The review has no influence on the game score . “

Payerl had increased to 3-0 for the hosts towards the end of the second period (38th). Despite the request from Nuremberg’s attacker Ryan Stoa, the referees did not want to check the scene by video. From the perception of the referees, there was “no reason for video evidence” in the game, the DEL announced. “The league and the referee regret that the scene in the game was not rated correctly,” it said.

The blatantly wrong decision against the Ice Tigers allows parallels to a historical chapter of another Nuremberg club: In April 1994, FC Bayern professional Thomas Helmer stumbled past the post of 1. FC Nürnberg. The referee wrongly decided on goal for the German record champions. The German Football Association (DFB) conceded the goal retrospectively and there was a replay.

In the case of the Ice Tigers, however, it will not get that far. Quite to the displeasure of Nuremberg’s manager Stefan Ustorf: The functionary had pointed out the crack in the net of the affected goal to the team around the main referees Andrew Bruggeman and Andre Schrader as well as the ice master while warming up – apparently in vain: Just at this point Payerl’s shot flew into the goal.

“We also regret that our references to the hole in the goal net before the game and immediately after the scene were apparently not enough to persuade the referees to check the goal in video evidence,” said Ustorf on Monday. Previously, the referees had used the video evidence for two crossbar hits in the game.

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