Monday, October 25, 2021

CRIS SWISH Watch Man Utd star Cristiano Ronaldo fights ninjas in a bizarre advert for a new business venture alongside the Salford shareholder

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CRISTIANO RONALDO once again showed his acrobats – to ward off ninjas.

Fans have grown used to seeing the football icon twist, jump, twist, and tilt her tattered body throughout her career – and sometimes fall.

Hardly anyone could forget the sensational overhead kick he scored for Real Madrid at Juventus in 2018.

But he took to Instagram early Thursday to show off his best Chinese art the Bian Lian to fend off attacks from all angles – just like he has to do at Old Trafford.

In the commercials you can see Ronaldo kicking and wiping away the swords and fire.

There’s even a reference to the Portuguese legend’s branding celebration before holding an umbrella with the ZujuGP branded name on it.

The new digital company aims to bring soccer fans together, with Ronaldo partnering with Salford City shareholder, Valencia owner and Singaporean businessman Peter Lim on the project.

On their website it says: “ZujuGP is a community platform that connects East and West, we are an exchange not only between fans, but also between companies and ecosystems.


“The future of football will be largely social, collaborative and immersive online.

“Since Cristiano Ronaldo pays tribute to the most influential footballer in the world, where the earliest form of football was played thousands of years ago, he tries the Chinese art form Bian lian (变脸), his successive mask changes a literal and metaphorical memory of the changing faces. ” of football.

“Then finally a moderate transition towards a future in which everyone can come together.

“Where we bring communities together on a single platform as a global football roof.”

Earlier this month it was revealed that Ronaldo could earn up to £ 1.5 million per sponsored post on Instagram with his 355 million followers.

That’s more than seven times any other Premier League player with his Manchester United teammate who is already £ 208,000 behind.

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