Monday, October 3, 2022

Cowboys star Trevon Diggs sends a message to Ja’Marr Chase After Win

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Trevon Diggs heard Bengals wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase’s criticism ahead of their Sunday matchup, but the Dallas Cowboys star just let his game do the talking.

Diggs and the Cowboys earned a 20-17 win over Chase’s Bengals and held Cincinnati’s normally powerful passing attack for just 165 yards. Chase caught just five of nine targets for 54 yards in the loss and was particularly ineffective when paired with Diggs.

Chase only managed two catches for 12 yards when Diggs was on him. per Pro Football Focus. It was a performance that probably made Chase think twice about what he said earlier in the week.

“He has great ball skills in the air” Chase told reporters Sept. 16. “He’s super fast. However, he does not place too much value on technology sound. You know what I mean? He’s a little hit or miss. …It’s either all the way on or it’s not on at all. But he’s definitely a great athlete.”

Diggs had every reason to rub those comments in Chase’s face after shutting him down, but took the main road.

“People want reactions. I don’t give anyone any reactions,” Diggs said. “It doesn’t really do me any good. I know what I’m capable of. My coaches know what I can do. My team knows what I can do. So I just go out on every track and give everything I have. You know, we’ll take care of the rest, try to get Ws.”

Diggs had no interception but had five tackles, including a key takedown by Tyler Boyd from a third deficit late in the game. If Diggs hadn’t scored, the Cowboys would be unlikely to have put the ball back in order.

“The ride before I had given up a catch,” Diggs said. “I was kind of mad about it. I wanted to go out and play for my team. I just went and did that.”

Cowboys star Micah Parsons was thrilled to discuss Diggs’ goal and how important it was to the win.

“That was huge. We even said it was the hardest thing we’ve ever seen at Diggs. He fired like a cannon. I was proud of him” Parsons told reporters after the game. “When I saw 7 I was shocked. That was a huge swing. way to get away from the field.”

The Cowboys’ defense was impressive, keeping Joe Burrow and the Bengals out of the end zone through the fourth quarter.

Parsons played a big part in that, drawing a healthy amount of attention but also storming through for a pair of sacks. In all, the Cowboys sacked Burrow six times and had consistently jumped in his face.

“I don’t care what the offense says,” Parsons said. “You can have zero (points) but we have to do our part. I think we’re doing a damn good job. We’ve held two of the most elite offenses to a touchdown in the last two games, and we’re making sure they deserve every bit of it. So you are relentless. That’s what we preached. Every guy in this room bought in.”

The Cowboys will now shift their focus to their first NFC East matchup of the season, with a Monday Night Football road tilt against the Giants.

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