Wednesday, August 10, 2022

CJ McCollum talks about defending Warriors Steph Curry

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Big men in the NBA used to dominate the league. The likes of Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem-Abdul Jabber and Shaquille O’Neal are seen as standout stars who changed the league’s evolution.

With the Golden State Warriors changing the way the game was played, Stephen Curry’s primary focus is why the entire league is now so heavily geared towards shooting three-pointers.

Shaq changed what the umpires called the block-and-charge call. He completely destroyed the opponents around the rim and the league had to figure out how to call more blocking calls because O’Neal was changing the game.

Curry was the same way he shot the three. Never before have teams been so generous in allowing their players to throw as many three-pointers as Curry. With his shooting accuracy, the Warriors felt comfortable enough to let him wreak havoc on the league from 30 feet and beyond.

During the July 15 summer league game for the Warriors, New Orleans Pelicans guard CJ McCollum spoke about the difficulty of guarding Steph Curry.

“You have to throw different bodies at him; This is not a guy you can just guard with one person,” McCollum said on NBC Sports Bay Area. “It’s a galaxy, it’s a planet, it’s a solar system. Everything revolves around him.”

While McCollum played for Portland in his first eight-and-a-half seasons, he’s had countless fights against Curry throughout his career.

Additionally, McCollum talks about how the Warriors’ system allows Curry to thrive, the relentless endurance he’s built over the years and his ability to compel defenses to hold him accountable halfway through. Apart from Curry, no team has ever had to deal with players from the outside in the direction of the half court.

Given that Curry was already in his prime it will be interesting to know how much better he can get and how long he can stay at this level.

On the Point Forward podcast, hosted by Andre Iguodala and Evan Turner, Warriors owner Joe Lacob spoke about how sustainable the team and Curry could sustain their success.

“I think he has quite a few years left,” Lacob said. “And I think hopefully next year we will be better. These young people will be better. Steph still got it. I don’t see him jumping off a cliff. Sorry to the rest of the league. I don’t see him getting any worse… This guy is so well conditioned it’s amazing.”

Shooters tend to have longer careers than players who rely on their athleticism. As athletic players get older, they must learn to adjust their game to be more effective farther off the basket. Shooters like Curry, on the other hand, don’t have to worry. Curry’s shot feel is natural and instead focused his game on building more mass and achieving such high levels of stamina.

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