Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Chiefs fans erupt after news of Willie Gay’s long suspension

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The NFL transfer dealt a minor blow to the Kansas City Chiefs on the evening of September 19th.

NFL network insider Tom Pelissero was one of them report first on the story. “The NFL has suspended Chiefs LB Willie Gay for the next four games,” he said. “Willie Gay’s suspension follows an arrest in January for criminal damage following an argument with his son’s mother. He agreed to a pre-trial diversionary program in June.”

The Athletics Nate Taylor later confirmed this that “there will be no appeal from Willie Gay,” adding that “the NFL said the four-game suspension is the final solution.” That means the Chiefs will be without the starting linebacker for matchups against the Indianapolis Colts, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Las Vegas Raiders and Buffalo Bills — two leading Super Bowl contenders and a division rival.

Speaking to NFL reporter Grant Gordon, Gay’s violation of the NFL’s code of conduct explained: “Gay, 24, is alleged to have caused criminal damage of less than $1,000, which, according to an affidavit from the District Court of Johnson County, Kansas, included a door frame. wall and vacuum. Gay pleaded not guilty and in June agreed to a plea deal that included a diversionary program, Pelissero reported.”

As might be expected, this news ignited the powder keg of social media. At the center of the complaints was Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson.

Voiced “ChiefsAholic”.: “Willie Gay is banned for 4 games for breaking a vacuum and Deshaun Watson is banned for only 11 games for sexually assaulting women. Make. It. Make. Sense.”

“So Willie Gay Jr. gets 4 games for literally harming nobody except a bloody vacuum, but Deshaun Watson only gets 7 more games for 25+ sexual assaults? These penalties don’t make sense.” wrote another fan.

KC radio host repeated Joshua Brisco both in their outrage: “I am puzzled by the precedent which, as far as we know, leads to four games of property damage. Willie Gay just got 36% of the Deshaun-Watson suspension.”

Aside from the number of games, some fans were also upset about the timing. One tweeted; “NFL: Let’s give the Chiefs the toughest schedule and have them play the Chargers in a short week. That did not work. Let’s suspend Willie Gay.”

Fox 4 KC reporter PJ Green has offered some perspectives for Chiefs Kingdom to consider.

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