Saturday, November 27, 2021

Chiefs ‘Anthony Hitchens has valuable information on the Cowboys’ offensive catalyst

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The Kansas City Chiefs don’t play the Dallas Cowboys very often – only every four years. But that doesn’t mean the AFC defending champion doesn’t have some additional information on the America’s team going into the matchup on Sunday, November 21st.

The Dallas offense is coordinated by Kellen Moore, a former NFL quarterback who played for the Cowboys in 2015, per Football Reference. One player who sat alongside Moore in meetings during his time in Dallas was veteran linebacker Anthony Hitchens, who was drafted by the Cowboys in 2014 and played for them four seasons before joining the Chiefs in 2018.

Hitchens, despite playing on the other side of football, says he knows what Moore thinks, which gives Kansas City additional information when it comes to figuring out how to stop Dak Prescott and the Cowboys offensive in Week 11 James Palmer of NFL Media.

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Here’s what Palmer said of his conversation with Hitchens about Moore while reporting on the NFL Network:

“I spoke to Chiefs linebacker Anthony Hitchens who told me that before I got to Kansas City I was in Dallas, I was a teammate of the Dallas offensive coordinator. We sat next to each other in team meetings. ”He said, ‘I know he’s extremely creative, I know that Dak [Prescott] Can throw 400 yards at anyone, including us. But at its core, Kellen Moore is a physical game caller, and they can throw the soccer ball at you over and over again. ‘”

While the Dallas Offensive is one of the best explosive units in the NFL, Week 11 will see them without their best offensive talents.

Four-time Pro Bowl wide receiver Amari Cooper became Raiders on Friday the 19th, according to ESPN’s Todd Archer.

Cooper, 27, is in his fourth season with Dallas and is on track to end this season with some strong passes. In nine games, he has caught 44 passes for 583 yards and five touchdowns, according to the Pro Football Reference. Cooper may not even be the best wide receiver on his team, which suggests how strong the Cowboys offensive will be in Week 11 even without him.

Dallas’ sophomore wide receiver CeeDee Lamb is one of the top receivers in the NFL, and his numbers prove it. Lamb has 726 yards this season – the ninth best among wide receivers – and six touchdowns on 44 catches, which averages 16.5 yards per reception, according to the NFL’s official website. Then add Michael Gallup, who is by far the # 3 best wide receiver on any team in the NFL, and tight end Dalton Schulz, who is seventh in the tight ends (448) according to Statmuse, and the Cowboys have one the strongest passing attacks in the NFL in Week 11, even when Cooper wasn’t on the line-up.

Quarterback Dak Prescott is the one who distributes the soccer ball to all Dallas pass catchers. In eight games this season, Prescott has completed 70.3% of his passes for 2,341 yards, 20 touchdowns – fourth best in the league – and five interceptions. Running back Ezekiel Elliott is the star of the Cowboys running game with 663 yards on the ground and seven lavish touchdowns, both of which are fourth best of all running backs according to ESPN.

Though Cooper will be out of the fight in Week 11, the AFC defending champions must stop the Dallas running game if they want a chance to beat the 7-2 squad. If the defense can do that, the Chiefs can potentially expand their winning streak to four games.

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