Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Celtics urged to target $19M sniper

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The Boston Celtics signed Danilo Gallinari to have a sniper of some size on the wing in their arsenal. They may never be able to capitalize on this in the 2022-23 season after it was confirmed that Gallinari suffered a cruciate ligament rupture during the 2022 EuroBasket tournament. With him out indefinitely, the Celtics may need to look for a replacement. One option they could consider is Bojan Bogdanovic.

The Utah Jazz have signaled they will begin rebuilding after selling Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell. According to Adrian Wojnarowski, Bogdanovic is among several jazz veterans considered desirable assets in the league.

At 6’7″, Bogdanovic is a 39.2 percent career shooter from distance and comes off a season in which he averaged 18.1 points per game while shooting 38.7 percent from three. As far as Gallinari substitutes go, there aren’t many commercially available better than Bogdanovic.

Sports Illustrated’s Brett Siegel wrote an article about possible destinations for Bogdanovic, with the Celtics being one of the options. Siegel detailed how the Celtics could pull off a trade for Bogdanovic.

“The Celtics have some assets they could trade for Bogdanovic, but to do that they would likely have to part with guard Derrick White, who they traded for at the close of trade last season.

“However, with the arrival of Malcolm Brogdon, White’s role could change and he could suddenly become expendable for this team, especially if they can improve their forward depth with someone like Bojan Bogdanovic.”

Bogdanovic is expected to earn $19,343,000 in the upcoming season while White is expected to earn $16,392,857 according to Spotrac. If they were traded for each other

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst hinted that the Phoenix Suns could potentially consider a trade for Bogdanovic – noting that the team has made former Celtics wing Jae Crowder available.

“The people I speak to don’t feel like they’re afraid to spend money. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Suns got involved in the negotiations about Bojan Bogdanovic,” said Windhorst. “Several teams are applying for him.”

A trade with Crowder, who will make $10,183,800 this season, and Dario Saric, who will make $9,240,000 this season, would be enough salary to trade Bogdanovic, although Utah probably a or two as well wants picks for the first round.

On September 16, The Athletic’s Jovan Buha reported that the Jazz have been in talks with the Los Angeles Lakers involving Bogdanovic and other players in a possible trade, although of course nothing has been agreed.

“In recent discussions with the Jazz, the Lakers have targeted Bogdanović, Jordan Clarkson and Malik Beasley, according to league sources.”

The Lakers have Russell Westbrook and his expiring salary of $47,063,478 to offer as jazz cap relief for Bogdanovic, as well as two first-round picks (2027 and 2029). Although Danny Ainge might not want to help the Lakers knowing his ties to the Celtics and all.

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