Saturday, June 25, 2022

Celtics unveil off-season trade plans: ‘Things are just getting started’

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The 2022 NBA Draft was fairly uneventful for the Boston Celtics. They had no choice in the first round as they traded theirs to the San Antonio Spurs in the deal for Derrick White. However, they made a pick in Round 2 and picked up Alabama guard JD Davison.

Davison was a one-and-done player in Alabama, but his draft stocks plummeted in his one year there as he turned out to be a pretty raw prospect. Regardless, the train night was pretty quiet for Boston outside of their lone election.

However, Celtics president of basketball operations Brad Stevens doesn’t expect it to stay that way. During his post-draft press conference, Stevens hinted that there could be some trades for Boston this summer in the future.

“We talked about that [the $17.1 million Evan Fournier TPE] for a while. We know who fits into this TPE and who might be available. Now it’s about the cost. We decided tonight that we hadn’t found anything to use the TPE for. But things are just getting started,” Stevens explained.

The “Things are just beginning” statement is a pretty good indicator that the Celtics could have some moves in mind as the offseason begins. And with a variety of TPEs at their disposal, things could get pretty crazy.

That madness could have started on draft night, but Stevens said the Celtics are reluctant to ship valuable assets at the moment.

Ahead of the 2022 NBA draft, there were some rumors that the Celtics could be attempting to enter the first round.’s Sean Deveney, in particular, reported that they were a team interested in acting for the Golden State Warriors at 28 in the first round.

“Boston, also facing a future luxury tax bill, has an interest in attracting low-cost players who can contribute and there could be a handful of polished, older players available late in the first round of this year.” , reported Deveney.

According to Stevens, however, the price of draft night promotion was just too high for Boston. Instead, they chose to hold on to their players and other assets.

“We’ve talked about moving up, but getting rid of significant players on our team or using our TPEs and other assets wasn’t what we wanted to do at the moment,” Stevens explained.

Additionally, Boston isn’t worried, even though the Fournier TPE is scheduled to expire on July 18.

According to Stevens, the Celtics don’t feel they need to use the Fournier TPE. They’re more than happy to let it go and use the other TPEs at their disposal, most of which don’t expire before next year’s close.

“If this thing wins because we can’t find the right deal, we still have two other TPEs that don’t expire before the trade deadline,” Stevens explained.

This might just be Stevens and the Celtics playing coy to attract potential trade partners, but regardless, this season should be entertaining for Celtics fans.

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