Saturday, August 6, 2022

Celtic’s Twitter hits recruit path for $163m guard

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The Boston Celtics may have one of the deepest guard rotations in the NBA, but that didn’t stop their fans from heading down the recruit lane on Tuesday, July 12. after Donovan Mitchell’s comment on a tweet by Jaylen Brown.

For such a simple exchange between two players widely known as off-court buddies, Celtics fans took to Mitchell’s comments section to recruit him to Boston – something they’ve long yearned for.

As you’d expect, there were the usual “Come to Boston” replies, along with some shirt-swapping pics and the occasional refutation of the notion that Mitchell was improving the Celtics – largely due to his weak defensive advantage.

“Boston Bound” Twitter user @jaytatum000 replied.

“Spida to Boston”, @luc_most replied.

We’re playing defense in Boston… you ask @FCHWPO one of the better ball defenders in the league good sir…. let the man cook in Boston and find your own team” @AbominableSnowO noted in the comments section.

On July 12th ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski sent shockwaves through the NBAputting every team in the league on high alert as he reported that Utah is willing to listen to Mitchell trade packages.

“After Utah earlier dropped investigations into All-Star guard Donovan Mitchell, competing teams say the Jazz are now ready to listen to possible trading scenarios, sources told ESPN on Tuesday. The asking price seems high, but following Utah’s recent blockbuster deal from Rudy Gobert to Minnesota, the Jazz are no longer simply turning down calls to Mitchell, sources said,” Wojnarowski wrote for ESPN.

Mitchell finished last season averaging 25.9 points, 4.2 rebounds and 5.3 assists per game, shooting 35.5% from perimeter and 44.8% from the field. In those stats, the New York native was nominated for the 2022 NBA All-Star Game, marking his third appearance as an All-Star since entering the league as the 13th pick overall in the 2017 draft.

However, it’s worth noting that Mitchell is entering the second year of his $163 million contract, during which he is expected to earn $30 million. Therefore, any team interested in acquiring him through trading must ensure that they can achieve his salary along with him to put together a package good enough to entice the Jazz to trade.

Ever since Kevin Durant made it clear that he wants to be traded away from the Brooklyn Nets, Jaylen Brown has been popping up in trade rumors. Sure, these rumors are coming from the fans and media rather than the Celtics front office, but there’s every reason to believe the Star Wing feels disrespected – something he alluded to by liking a tweet on June 26.

So it’s worth asking whether the addition of Mitchell would make Brown feel expendable, or whether he would be the makeweight in a potential deal — at which point Boston should hang up.

According to Chris Mannix, Brown was treated unfairly during his time in Boston after being booed on draft night and then circulated in multi-star trade rumors.

“History suggests that Jaylen Brown wasn’t always treated fairly in this town. If you go back to the year he was drafted, his draft night pick was booed by a fanbase who wanted the Celtics to call up Kris Dunn. He’s been in every trade rumor the Celtics have been linked to, from Kawhi Leonard to Anthony Davis and now Kevin Durant. So I wouldn’t blame Jaylen Brown one bit for feeling like that.” Mannix explained during a July 7 appearance on NBC Sports Boston.

So let’s hope Boston stays out of the Donovan Mitchell sweepstakes and that Brown’s name gets banned from potential trade rumors — after all, he was arguably Boston’s top player in the Finals against the Golden State Warriors, so you’ll want to keep him on for as long as possible to you.

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