Monday, November 28, 2022

Celtics star makes strong statement on controversial tweet

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The Boston Celtics currently have the association’s highest record at 13-4, but all it seems everyone can focus on lately is the recent controversial comment from Jaylen Brown, centerpiece of the franchise.

A vocal apologist of former teammate and current Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving after he shared a link to a film containing anti-Jewish tropes via his Twitter account in late October, Brown was recently caught apparently expressing his support for the Black Hebrew Israeli group “Israel United” shared in Christ” via the social media platform by retweeting a video of the group outside the Barclays Center showing support for Irving commented with the caption “Energy”.

Israel United in Christ has been classified by the Anti-Defamation League as an “extreme and anti-Semitic sect of black Hebrew Israelites”. according to a follow-up statement from the wingthe Celtics star was unaware when he shared his original tweet.

After posting his follow-up tweet, Brown was asked during a shooting on November 21 if he could “explain” his position on the matter, and in his response he further made it clear that he was unaware of Israel United’s values ​​in Christ.

“I didn’t have my reading glasses on. I didn’t know who that group was,” Brown said. “I saw a large group of people from our community showing support for (Kyrie) and his return. I’m proud of that support and proud of our community for not having done so. I endorse or celebrate some of the things that have been done or said.”

Brown has been vocal in criticizing Brooklyn’s handling of Irving’s punishment and suspension, going so far public criticism of Nets owner Joe Tsai’s comments on the situation.

Though the Boston Celtics stud has sought to set the record straight for his actions, that hasn’t stopped the crowds from straining their feelings about the matter.

The comments section of Brown’s “Energy” retweet was quickly inundated with fans and media pundits alike, with the majority of users imploring the star to do more research into the video’s context.

Some even felt the tweet could be grounds for a dismissal from the Boston Celtics organization.

Jaylen Brown is not only a cornerstone of the title-contesting Celtics, but also the Vice President of the National Basketball Players Association.

Recent rumors suggest the Boston Celtics may be ready to take some roster-strengthening measures through trades this season, particularly to improve their frontcourt depth.

Should Brad Stevens and company pursue such a move, Bleacher Report’s Zach Buckley believes former first-round pick Kelly Olynyk could be a target for the ball club to consider.

“Kelly Olynyk, who played his first four NBA seasons in Boston, could be available when (when?) the jazz cools and remember they actually embarked on a complete rebuild this offseason,” Buckley wrote.

“A return to the norm for Olynyk himself could speed up that process as the 31-year-old currently has career-best (and almost certainly unsustainable) shot rates from the field (53.1) and from three (47.3).”

Despite noting that the 31-year-old performs very little on the defensive side of the ball – as Celtics fans are likely already aware from his time with the franchise – Buckley believes the greats are “a steady source of shot-taking and skillful passing.” and sound decision making” could be of great value to Joe Mazzulla’s rotation.

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