Monday, June 27, 2022

Celtic’s star fades after Game 4 loss at Stephen Curry

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The Boston Celtics lost Game 4 of the NBA Finals 107-97 as the Golden State Warriors bounced back from a Game 3 loss. Now the series will be two on its way back to The Bay, and the Warriors once again have home field advantage.

Warriors star point guard Stephen Curry was once again dominant. He’s led every game in the series as a goalscorer and Friday night was no different. Curry lost 43 points, 10 rebounds and four assists, torching the Celtics all night.

After the game, Celtic point guard Marcus Smart spoke about what it was like defending Curry. When asked if they were pressuring him enough or not, Smart pushed the idea back.

“We were there. He’s a great player; he was making shots. He was making a lot of shots where we were fighting from behind. We had someone there and he was making them straight. He’s doing that. Obviously we need to limit that better. We have to make it even harder for him. It is what it is. We get another chance to do it again on Monday.” Cleverly explained.

Additionally, Smart was asked about Curry’s ability to open up in transition and what the Celtics can do to keep him under constant pressure.

The Celtics point guard was asked about Curry’s transition opportunities in the fourth quarter and what Boston needs to do better to limit him. Smart said it’s about being aware of your location.

“I think you just said it, you have to be aware, especially at the end,” Smart said. “That’s the one guy you can’t hit. Like I said, obviously he took a lot of hard shots at us tonight. When you get a guy like that, some rhythm early, those shots, the hoops look a little bigger to him. We just have to make a conscious effort to find him and Klay and their shooters, especially in the transition phase.”

Curry had 10 points and four rebounds on 2-of-4 shots from the field and 1-of-1 shots from three-point range in the fourth quarter.

Head coach Ime Udoka also commented on how the Celtics guarded Curry, but he was less concerned with his marks and more concerned with his attempts.

When asked if Curry “slacks off” at times, Udoka commented that he worries less about Curry’s punches and more worries about how many punches the Celtics are even allowing him to take.

“Yeah, sometimes we obviously focus on him and keep others at bay. But some of it was some crazy shots he did that were very controversial. You look at the totals, the attempts to get those off, it’s the number we don’t like, the 14 attempts in general,” Udoka explained. “He came out early and bombed, had nine in the first half. Some of the threes he hit were hard fought and there’s nothing you can do about them. When we switched there were a few cross matches and guys on the rim. Followed him a little later. They did a few plays.”

Boston will make another attempt to slow down Curry in Game 5, which is scheduled to begin Monday, June 13 at 9:00 p.m. Eastern time in San Francisco.

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