Saturday, October 1, 2022

Canelo Alvarez sends strong message to Lakers LeBron James

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The Los Angeles Lakers should be lucky to have LeBron James on their roster, as should the Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat for the time he spent with them early in his career.

Because according to Canelo Alvarez, the NBA superstar could easily have taken a different path, one that would have seen him dominate a boxing ring rather than a basketball court.

In a Sept. 15 speech by GQ Magazine’s “Actually Me,” Alvarez was asked if LeBron could ever have been a successful boxer, to which the multiple world champion replied, “Why not? I think he has skills for the sport. He’s an athlete, 100%. If he dedicated himself to fighting, he could do it.”

At 6’1″ and 250 pounds, LeBron is a huge man and could easily have become a high-level heavyweight boxer if luckily he had made it his mind. Luckily he decided to play basketball and give us his all countless great moments on the court.

However, not everyone has nice things to say about LeBron. It’s part of the package when you become a superstar. Skip Bayless is one of the more outspoken media figures when it comes to LeBron as he holds him to an almost impossible standard and whatnot On Sept. 20, the Fox Sports analyst took to Twitter to share his latest complaint with the Lakers superstar.

“Another huge (and lucrative) national TV spot for LeBron (with Lily) … but he insisted on getting the maximum out of the Lakers rather than (like Tim Duncan or Brady) giving his team more leeway to improve the supporting cast . I just do not understand. Doesn’t he want to win anymore???” Bayless wrote on Twitter.

Given that LeBron recently signed a two-year, $97 million contract extension, Bayless can be forgiven for his thought process — but an NBA career is short-lived and it makes sense for players to seek out their earning potential to maximize while they are still in the league.

Last summer, Dennis Schroder shocked the NBA world when he turned down an alleged $80 million contract extension with the Lakers, only to sign a one-year contract with the Boston Celtics just weeks later.

So it’s fair to say that eyebrows were raised when the Lakers announced they had re-signed Dennis Schroder this summer following his impressive stint in Europe during FIBA’s EuroBasket tournament.

Shortly after the news broke, LeBron took to social media to welcome his former teammate back to Los Angeles, noting how he believed the guard could help propel the Lakers back into the playoffs — and hopefully into the championship content.

During Schroder’s first season in Los Angeles, the veteran guard averaged 13.5 points, 3.5 rebounds and 5.8 assists per game while shooting 33.5% from deep and 47.6% from inside the perimeter, and it’s likely that LeBron will be hoping Schroder can repeat that form again this season.

However, Los Angeles’ guard rotation is now overloaded with ball-dominant guards who aren’t elite from the perimeter, so Darvin Ham will have his job cut out if he wants to get the best out of Russell Westbrook, Schroder and Patrick Beverley while he’s always still finds time for the likes of Austin Reaves to impress in his rookie season.

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