Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Browns On The Way To Divorce With Star After Season

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Odell Beckham Jr.’s tenure with the Cleveland Browns was complicated and could end soon.

The latest rumor from The Athletic’s Jeff Howe has it that this could be Beckhams last year in Cleveland, with the team taking a different direction after the season with no guaranteed money left on the polarizing passport catcher’s contract.

Howe also points out that Beckham is unlikely to be in the trading bloc this season as a move wouldn’t make much sense for the Browns at this point. The team has already guaranteed $ 12.79 million of Beckham’s $ 14.5 million salary and would likely not receive much in assets for a player most would consider a one-year lease due to his contractual position.

Despite what Beckham and Baker Mayfield could say, their chemistry in the field was a problem. Mayfield’s Passer rating is 25 points lower when Beckham is on the field and his completion percentage is 6% higher without him. Over a period of more than two seasons, this seems more than a coincidence.

That Sunday against the Chargers was a tough performance for the duo, who only scored twice for 20 yards. Mayfield did not target Beckham for the potential game win, which was narrow and only three times in total, which raised some questions.

“Again I watch every game and what we have to do to win and what we have to do to get some points,” said coach Kevin Stefanski on Wednesday 13th October. “As I mentioned earlier, he is a dynamic football player. He is in the foreground when scheduling and calling games. Sometimes the defense determines whether the ball goes elsewhere, and we feel comfortable with it because we are good players elsewhere to have.”

In his 25 games in over two seasons in Cleveland, Beckham has only made 106 catches for 1,478 yards and seven touchdowns. During one Pro Bowl season in 2015, Beckham surpassed almost all of those numbers.

But Mayfield believes Beckham’s contributions cannot be measured solely in yards and catches.

“For one thing, the running game, it wasn’t physically in the charts. We talk about our identity running first and we are a physical team and we try to end people in the running game and dominate that, ”Mayfield said. “You go back and watch him run game, and he’s physical. You do that and then look at (WR) Rashard Higgins’ touchdown and see how many people cover Odell compared to Higgy and you will see exactly what value he has to us. “

While this is great, Beckham comes at a high price for being a glorified blocker. Mayfield thinks it is only a matter of capital if Beckham gets a lane.

“We have to take his chances when they are there because they won’t come that often,” Mayfield said. “That’s the emphasis now.”

The duo have another chance to shine at home against an undefeated Cardinals team this Sunday.

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