Sunday, October 17, 2021

Brooklyn Net’s debut grid without Kyrie Irving

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The pressure has come and Kyrie Irving has now forced the Brooklyn Nets to take to the streets with his services.

In the October 11 preseason match against the Philadelphia 76ers, who may be on the verge of getting Ben Simmons back, Irving stayed at home and head coach Steve Nash had to put together a line-up without his Star Point Guard.

Based on his experience on offense with the Houston Rockets, Nash decided to start Harden as point guard and move Joe Harris into the shooting guard position.

There may be some more tweaking before the season starts, but this could be your first look at what the lineups will look like when all are available.

While Harden kicks off at point guard, there’s no question that the offensive load is shared between him and Kevin Durant, and neither of them has any problems with it.

The question always arose of who would replace Kyrie on the street, but it looks like the answer was pretty simple. The starting line-up against the 76ers leaves a lot to be desired defensively, but it’s a line-up that could score points against anyone.

LaMarcus Aldridge has the day off, so there’s a chance he can replace Griffin on the lineup when he’s ready. With DeAndre Jordan trading, the nets are pretty thin in the center position, so this could become a revolving door for gamers during the season.

The team seem aware of the possibility that Irving won’t be able to play at home games, but it looks like the Nets are getting used to the fact that he is not on the team at all.

There are no restrictions that would have prevented Irving from traveling to Philadelphia, but Nash explained his decision as “trying to take us time to figure out what it all means”. according to Kristian Winfield of the New York Daily News.

Nash pushed back when asked if he could envision a world where Irving had a lesser role in games that he could play in so he could develop a relationship with his teammates.

“Maybe that’s imagining somewhere down the line, but I wouldn’t imagine that,” he said, according to NYDN. “If he’s out there, he’s out there. That’s all we need to find out. As I always say, navigate. Because it’s kind of unprecedented. We’re just trying to take our time and not rush preconceived judgments about what we’re doing and find out over time. “

With Harden and Durant in the line-up against the 76ers, it seems like a conscious decision to leave Irving behind and that now puts his potential debut on the road against the Milwaukee Bucks in jeopardy.

The team still has some time to possibly work something out, but based on this decision, the letter looks like it’s on the wall.

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