Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Broncos’ OC Pat Shurmur gives an explanation for offensive problems

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The Denver Broncos offensive game caller Pat Shurmur has come under fire after the Broncos failed to score again against an AFC North opponent.

Shurmur, Denver’s offensive coordinator since January 2020, spoke to local media on October 15 about the Broncos’ recent offensive inefficiencies. After a strong start to the season, Shurmur’s offense against Baltimore (7) and Pittsburgh (19) recorded the two lowest results in consecutive weeks, which caused unrest in the Broncos Country.

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Slow starts have become a constant in the young season, as evidenced by three points in the last two first quarters. In addition, the Broncos ranked 25th in terms of points earned during their first term. This is certainly nothing new for Shurmur’s offense, who finished penultimate in the first half of the 2020 season.

Despite the downfall and darkness surrounding Shurmur’s slowly beginning offensive, the former New York Giants head coach sees room for change and gave an explanation of what went wrong in Pittsburgh.

“If you look at last week’s game, we were on the two-yard line on Matchday 13 [with a] Chance to go in and score and we’ll get a penalty, ”Shurmur told reporters. “In the next game we ran the ball and got a penalty. The next piece should go to Noah. walk [Fant]. Noah was wide open, but we had a protective thing causing the expulsion. We tried to take advantage of Noah and we had him for a touchdown. We were about to be 10-10 in the 15th game, which would have given us a slightly faster start. Again, it’s just about everything.

“We have a young offense. I was told today that it is the third most recent offense. We have some growing pains that we’ve been through, but we’re playing better in many areas. There are only a few areas where we need to get better. We talk about the third downs because they’re a little longer, but we’re 8-for-9 on the fourth down. Maybe we’ll do just that – approach and try the fourth down. That keeps drives alive.

“When you work with young players and a lot of new players, you just have to keep grinding and stay very positive. We were the last game that could possibly tie the game with a two-point game. We just have to keep grinding. I think that’s the message. “

Shurmur understands the frustration that comes with a loss, but said that he and his team are focused on improving each week regardless of the outcome.

“When you win games, we talk about certain things that need improvement,” Shurmur said. “When you lose games, it says ‘You should have run the ball more’ or ‘You should have done this and you should have done that.’ I understand, but we try not to act on it. Every game has to be successful, and if we don’t, we want to be in a position where the third-down or four-down game will keep us on the field. “

The offensive coordinator was also asked about his quarterback Teddy Bridgewater and how he’s seen his progress over the first five weeks of the season. While # 5 may not make its predecessor’s explosive games at Drew Lock, Bridgewater has kept the Broncos stable and made sure they have had a chance in every game so far.

“The thing about Teddy is, when he makes a mistake, sometimes it’s just a mistake and it’s not catastrophic,” Shurmur said. “It’s like a second down game where you just take one knee and make it third down. This is better than flipping the ball or twisting the game in some way. That’s only part of its charm. “

Shurmur and Bridgewater need more than charm to Mile High this Sunday if they are to avoid a .500 record and a straight loss to the Las Vegas Raiders.

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