Sunday, December 5, 2021

Blockbuster trade proposal sends All-Star-Center to Warriors

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The Golden State Warriors don’t have to make a trade, but they have one in their pocket if they want one.

The Dubs were almost unbeatable at the start of the season, hitting a top division record of 11-1 and winning their last seven games in double digits, the latter of which has not been matched in the NBA for four years. And the Dubs have achieved all of this without a minute of playing time from Klay Thompson or James Wiseman, both of whom will likely make their way into the starting XI before the end of the season.

Gary Payton II has shown up and shown, banned opposing guards and made his way into the highlight reels of the viral warriors. Rookie Jonathan Kuminga is making tremendous strides in the game and envisions making a legitimate and consistent contribution sooner rather than later. Third year offensive specialist Jordan Poole replaces Thompson as the starting shot guard and has been regularly wet in big moments as he shouldered a large portion of the Dubs’ goal shot load.

Things are going up in Golden State to say the least, but they can get better and better. Bleacher Report’s NBA writer Zach Buckley posted an article on Saturday November 13th detailing exactly how the Warriors Front Office can accomplish this. His hiring begins with Karl-Anthony Towns of the Minnesota Timberwolves.

“Karl-Anthony Towns may not publicly endorse the idea, but we will: #FreeKAT,” wrote Buckley. “This is his seventh season with the Minnesota Timberwolves and if their current six-game streak is any indication, it will be his sixth without a playoff trip.”

Towns spoke of his frustration following a 13-point loss to Steph Curry and the Warriors on Wednesday evening November 10th.

“I just want to win. I can’t go into much detail on that, ”Towns said, according to Star Tribune’s Chris Hine. “I just want to win.”

Buckley, referring directly to the above quote in his Saturday article, said the best place for cities to make this profit is in the Bay Area.

“The Warriors could do this, provided Towns got on the same offensive as Stephen Curry and a (hopefully) healthy Klay Thompson would not open some sort of black hole in the basketball universe,” Buckley wrote. “Golden State would have a super gap straight away, even if it filled its last five with Draymond Green and Andre Iguodala.”

Buckley added that if the Warriors play smart and now win, they need to maximize the back end of Curry’s bloom. A great way to do this is by adding Towns to the Dubs’ supporting all-star players.

“Some might argue that Golden State, the championship leader with a [11-1] Record, doesn’t have to swing that big, but doing anything other than fully investing the rest of Curry’s career would be a missed opportunity, “Buckley continued.

A trade for KAT or another player of its caliber would cost the Warriors a good portion of their young fortune.

Ironically, the move would almost certainly bring striker Andrew Wiggins back from Dubs to Minnesota, as his $ 30 million annual salary over the next two seasons would be a requirement for the money to work. Currys, Thompson’s or Green’s contracts might do the job in this regard, but let’s be honest, none of these three guys go anywhere.

James Wiseman, who sustained an MCL injury last season, suffered from growing pains. But the young prospect, just entering his second NBA season, has tons of talent and is considered by Buckley to be one of the top trade chips in the league.

Rookie and seventh overall selection in this year’s NBA draft, Kuminga’s trade value is growing day by day. A week ago he played big minutes for the Dubs’ G League subsidiary, the Santa Cruz Warriors. On Friday night he played 16 minutes and scored 8 points in 4-of-6 with two vicious slam dunks to top off a Golden State loss to the Eastern Conference’s leading Chicago Bulls.

Both Wiseman and Kuminga would likely need to be included in any potential trade for KAT or any other player at that level. Such a deal can ask for even more in return, for example rookie and number 14 in this year’s design Moses Moody.

Still, the Warriors arguably have the best depth in the NBA. They could afford to part with both rising young stars and Wiggins, who has been a mainstay in the starting XI and a constant offensive since arriving at Golden State.

The Dubs would still have a stable of young, complementary talent to add an opening and closing cast of four multiple all-stars. The last time the Warriors had such a lineup, the team’s current Big 3 plus Kevin Durant went to three consecutive NBA finals and brought the hardware home twice.

Not such a bad compromise when you think about it, and that’s exactly what the Warriors should be doing.

James Wiseman, who sustained an MCL injury last season, suffered from growing pains. But the young prospect, who is entering his second NBA season, has tons of talent and is considered by Buckley to be one of the top trade chips in the league.

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