Saturday, January 21, 2023

Bill’s All-Pro’s unsolicited advice to Tom Brady is causing a stir on Twitter

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After the Buffalo Bills secured their ticket to the next round of the playoffs after beating the Miami Dolphins 34-31 in the wild card on Sunday, January 15, safety Jordan Poyer was able to witness the Dallas live Cowboys destroyed quarterback Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday Night Football.

During the Cowboys’ 31-14 win, Brady completed 35 of 66 passes for 351 yards, two touchdowns and one interception. While the seven-time Super Bowl champion has yet to decide whether he will return to the NFL for his 24th season, Poyer offered the 45-year-old superstar some blunt advice in the latest episode of his podcast.

“Tom, you know I love you and I feel like I’ve driven for you all year,” Poyer said. “In the beginning you can go back to my podcast, I said you can’t count out Tom. And he sure as hell made the playoffs. You did everything you could have done in this league. I understand that you love this game. Go be with your kids, man.”

“I didn’t enjoy watching the game. It was hard to watch. You’re 0:27 behind at half-time,” said Poyer, exaggerating a bit as the half-time score was 17-0.

“He was defeated. You could see he was defeated,” the All-Pro safety continued. “I still think he obviously knows everything about everything, the inside and outside world of football. But it takes 11 to play the game. Go be with your children, Tom. I appreciate everything you’ve done in this league. I got two pickaxes from you, one for the crib. Lost both games. I’m 0-11 against you. Yes, please go. Go and be with your children, Tom.”

While Poyer, 31, isn’t the only one who thinks Brady should retire, not everyone appreciated his unsolicited advice. A fan answered“What I don’t understand is that people say go with your kids, you can play football and spend time with your kids, a lot of parents work 50+ hours a week and still have time for their family and Tom gets 6+ Months off a year, so it just doesn’t make sense.”

Several people urged Poyer to stay in his lane. A person wrote, “I can’t wait for Brady to answer and say, ‘Who the hell is this clown giving him advice?’ Poyer is completely out of place with these comments,” while another fan tweeted“Why is Poyer pretending to know the man well?”

Other people couldn’t criticize Poyer because they agree it’s high time Brady retired. BroBible tweeted“Maybe Tom Brady should take the free advice” while he’s a Bills fan wrote“He’s just saying out loud what we’re all thinking.”

If this were Brady’s final season, it would be the worst of his career. This was his first season with a losing record (8-9) since being drafted in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL Draft.

Bill’s quarterback Josh Allen has always been outspoken about how much he admires and respects Brady as he was the star player he looked up to growing up in Firebaugh, California. While Allen doubted the three-time NFL MVP actually finished playing last year — Brady wasn’t retired after all after 40 days — the Bills star worries it might actually be for him.

During an appearance atKyle Brandt’s basementEarlier this week, Allen said Brady’s postgame presser was “too sentimental” for his liking. “When it happened last year and he retired, I said to people, ‘I’m going to believe it if he doesn’t play the first game,'” Allen told Brandt. “But the way he spoke in his press conference last night struck me as a bit too sentimental about believing he will continue playing.

“But we will see. It’s up to him and the people in his life around him and how he takes that decision into his own hands, but I know there will be teams that will call.”

NFL insider Jordan Schultz offered the latest insight into Brady’s decision-making process on Friday, Jan. 20. During an appearance on “The Pat McAfee ShowSchultz said, “Brady wants to take a month or two to evaluate everything before making his decision,” while noting that he would be “surprised” if the veteran retired.

Should Brady decide to give up his cleats for good, he has a standing offer to become FOX Sports’ senior analyst. The New York Post’s Andrew Marchand reported back in May that Fox CEO Lachlan Murdoch had offered him a 10-year, $375 million deal to become the face of the network’s NFL coverage.

Unless Brady retires, he has a selection of offers to sort through as an offseason free agent. Although Brady’s return to Tampa Bay seems unlikely, speculation as to where he might end up next is already dominating the headlines.

The Las Vegas Raiders have proven great due to the Josh McDaniels connection and the knowledge that quarterback Derek Carr will be released or traded, while CBS Sports analyst Cody Benjamin named several potential suitors including the Washington Commanders, the San Francisco 49ers and all three of the Bills’ AFC East rivals. Benjamin suggested Brady couldn’t just end up with the Dolphins or Jets, but didn’t rule out a return to the Patriots either.

Unless Brady retires, he has a selection of offers to sort through as an offseason free agent. Although Brady’s return to Tampa Bay seems unlikely, speculation as to where he might end up next is already dominating the headlines.

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