Sunday, November 27, 2022

Bears Legend thinks the team should go after a promising young QB amid Justin Fields’ injury

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Former Chicago Bears All-Pro center Olin Kreutz thinks his former team should bring in a talented young quarterback from the Baltimore Ravens practice squad while starter Justin Fields is struggling with a shoulder injury.

Anthony Brown signed with the Ravens as an undrafted free agent after the 2022 draft, and he had a stellar preseason with offense similar to those the Bears picked up for Fields.

Brown spent his freshman three years at Boston College before transferring to Oregon as a senior in 2021. In 14 games with the Ducks, the young QB completed 250 of 390 passes (64.1 completion percentage) for 2,989 rushing yards, 18 touchdowns and seven interceptions for 658 yards and nine points on the ground.

A double threat like Fields, Kreutz thinks The Bears should poach Brown from Baltimore’s PS if they plan to continue incorporating designed runs into their offense like they do with Fields.

The Bears have a perfectly viable backup quarterback in Trevor Siemian, who has 34 games (29 starts) of experience and a solid resume, while Brown has zero regular-season experience in the NFL.

The Bears also signed Siemian to a two-year, $4 million deal earlier this year, so they’re not cutting him. But if Chicago wanted to get a glimpse of Brown while Fields – who remains a regular with a left shoulder injury – recovers, the team could certainly find a roster spot for the promising young QB.

24-year-old Brown showed a lot of potential in Oregon. Here’s what Pro Football Network said about Brown ahead of the draft:

“Skilled signal caller, patient in the pocket, balancing under the hustle and moving in the backcourt to give himself a better view of the field. Sells fake balls, throws the ball with a fluid, over-the-top delivery, and spreads passes across all of his guns. Shows a lot of toughness on designed quarterback runs.”

However, his game also has negative aspects. PFN also says he “rarely moves his head away from the primary target” and tends to miss “wide-open receivers.”

Still, Brown had a solid preseason with the Ravens, and the Flashes were there.

Brown completed 74.5% of his passes for 464 yards (9.9 yards per attempt), three touchdowns and one interception during the 2022 preseason. He earned an overall score of 81.3 from Pro Football Focus and an impressive passing grade of 82, 8 in his three appearances.

He had just one batted ball in that span and his receivers dropped two passes, so his count could have been even higher. Brown also avoided being fired throughout preseason and displayed a keen ability to dodge oncoming pass rushers.

“I would say I improved a lot, but it had nothing to do with me other than staying the course,” Brown said of 247 Sports during the 2022 preseason. “[Quarterbacks] Coach [James] urban, [assistant quarterbacks] coach Kerry Dixon, [QB] lamar [Jackson] and ‘sniff’ [QB Tyler Huntley] taught me a lot about speeding up the game and stuff like that. We train so hard that when we get into those games it feels a lot slower, so that’s been a big part of my development.”

Adding Brown at this point in the season would be a surprise, but if Fields needs time to recover it wouldn’t be a bad idea to snap up a young QB of Brown’s kind now, especially with Chicago struggling should an injury occur Siemian should enter.

Nathan Peterman is Chicago’s current QB practice squad and there’s little doubt Brown has more potential. Snapping Brown now with the ultimate goal of being Fields’ backup of the future could be a dastardly move.

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